Thursday, 20 May 2010

An update on my mini Summer House

Whilst my Meniere’s gives me some peace (it’s only a fleeting moment) I’m here with an update on my mini Summer House at the bottom of our garden. The outside has been painted and we are in the process of cleaning the inside and preparing to widen one of the longer bits of staging to give it more depth for my dolls houses. It will also have new tops put on as at the moment the staging is all slated wood. I have pondered on what to paint the inside colour (the inside roof is white to reflect the light down), I’ve thought about a buttermilk cream, the same colour as the outside and pashmina pink! What do you think? The outside wooden boxes (they have a name!) will remain natural.
The door furnishing have been removed for now as they are being repainted (I can't think what the process is really has a proper name?!) lol
A view from the mini Summer House.
Er...and another one! lol

There is a little utility area (the slated gate and fence, where we have our compost heap etc) and the building in the background is our garage. I love this time of year, Spring it’s my favourite season where everything is fresh and new.
When I asked my Sister what colour the mini house should be painted (before any work was started on the outside), she suggested in Nanny MccPhee house colours! lol Hmm….I can imagine how many different pots of paint we’d need, I’d also be made instantly homeless for even suggesting such an outlandish idea! lol :o)

I can’t wait to move in and get to work on mini making! :o))

****Update on the interior colour lol In that particular paint type (outdoors paint) they only do a warm cream (not white), so now it's been suggested that it could be mixed with a little of the green for a paler shade! So now it's a choice of warm cream or pale green! ;o) *****

I will reply to all the comments in the last posts, when I am well enough. ;o)

A big warm welcome to my new followers! I do hope you like it here you don’t mind my ramblings and whatnot! :o)

Michelle xxxx


  1. What a transformation a lick of paint can make. Your little Mini Work Room looks so different already. Cream sounds good, but what about Antique White, its not as bright as Brilliant White. Bet you can't wait to get in there and what a very pretty Garden to look out on. My Plants have been devoured by the ponies..LOL xxx

  2. I know it looks totally different doesn't it? I think it would have looked good this colour if it had stayed as a greenhouse (we still have the glass when we move for the new owners lol!!). Well, cream or Antique White seems to be a popular choice Debbie, as it would reflect the light. I thought the same as the outside to blend and remain neutral!

    We don’t have a pony problem, just slugs! lol

    No doubt I will decide! :o) I see you are up late too, I'm waiting for my pill to work so I can sleep!

    Michelle xxx

  3. Michelle your garden puts mine to shame that is tiny and filled with bikes, half fixed bikes, broken bikes, scooters, balls and sweet papers, and endless boxes where i clear out the junk in the house and wait for hubs to take to the tip.
    I would adore your beautiful garden and would spend all my time enjoying it.
    I love the colour of your summer house.. its perfect. But are you really going to fit all your houses and mini's into it? I hope so because it will be a beuatiful place to sit and work.
    Hope your pills work soon and you can sleep.
    I think i may need some of them too... im too much of a night owl and sluggish smail in the mornings.
    Lots of love, Nikki xxx

  4. I like the new color it is painted. But then again ( don't kill me )I thought it looked good the color your husband had stained it. After that last remark I'm sure you don't want my input for what color to paint the inside ;)

  5. My husband has Meniere's and after suffering horribly for years, he decided to have a procedure done where they inject something into the ear which kills the balance cells in the affected ear. I think it was a series of three of the injections - it wasn't painful - and he's not had an attack since. He's even considering riding some of the spinning rides this summer at Disney World. I can find out the exact name of the procedure from him if you are interested. I know how miserable Meniere's can be.

  6. Beautifull color and wonderful place!!

  7. I´m so envious of your gardenhouse and what a nice view you have from the window. Peaceful and very inspiring for mini-ing...

    My wote goes to....ta daaa... cream or antique white :0)

  8. Its a beautiful colour Michelle, so calming and you need that when some minis can frustrate!I love the colour buttermilk and also antique white. I think Buttermilk though as its slightly darker and maybe wont get quite so dirty as outside rooms can seem to go dirtier quicker! You have a beautiful garden, how lovely to have that view when working! Have fun deciding! Kate xxx

  9. Hi Nikki,

    Well I guess it's a gardeners fav hobby. I love it too and I hope to be able to spend more time out there myself. :o)) I love to hear the birds and listen to my radio as I work.

    I hope to put most of my houses out in the summer house and have the majority of my craft stuff too (not Fimo and polymer clays or paint though as I think it might get too hot, I will see). There is room under the staging for ample storage. :o)) I have a craft area where I can work which is the idea of going out there so I can leave it there in situ even when we have company and the spare room can be mostly just that now. :o))

    I was waiting for my Meniere’s pill to work Nikki as I can’t sleep till it does. At last I feel so much better today (after 5-6 days of an attack!), I might be able to do some work on Hogwarts later, if I take it easy.

    Michelle xxxxx

  10. Hi Brian,

    lol Not sure you would have said that if you had seen the original colour in real life! lol I think the interior colour is halfway to being decided - at last! lol

    Michelle :o)

  11. Hi De,

    It is truly horrid and I can live with the deafness just not all the other stuff! :o((

    Arh yes they do have that procedure over here too, I don't think it's a fully supported cure as it doesn't always work, which is why it is sometimes offered in the UK or not. I will see what my consultant says when I see him on the 3rd June...not too long away. :o))

    I'm so glad that your husband has found a respite and a new lease of life!! :o)) Wonderful.

    Michelle xxx

  12. Hi Sylvia,

    It will be a peaceful and great place to work whatever the weather! :o)

    Michelle xxx

  13. Hi Annie,

    Well I wish everyone could have their own proper area for mini making, it certainly makes life easier. :o)

    It's going to be pale green on the inside - decision made! lol

    Michelle xxxx

  14. Hi Kate,

    It will be good to relocate in the little house! lol I like the green it is a calming colour! It was so hard to choose the interior, and I agree light colours show the dirt - so I've opted for a compromise between cream and green! :o))

    Michelle xxxx

  15. Your garden is beautiful, Michele, it will be a lovely place to work. I think painting inside a pale green will be lovely :0)
    Julia xxx

  16. WOW! what a difference a pot of paint can make! the colour is perfect, you seem to have a very similar taste to me in your garden with your planting colour scheme, (I have a thing for red leaved plants) although yours looks much neater & more cared for than mine!!
    I really hope you are soon feeling better and able to do all that you want to, I know how you feel when your body shouts STOP! its not nice :o(

  17. Hi Julia,

    Thank you! I think the pale green will compliment the darker exterior and won't make it dark inside. I'm really excited about going out there to work. Today I've been sorting out my new mini's and packing them in appropriate storage boxes ready to go into their new house! This has been about the only thing I've had the mental and physical energy for today. I'm so much better today, it does seen the attack has passed, thank goodness. :o))) I hope you are feeling a little better, I will email as soon as I'm more energetic!

    Michelle xxxx

  18. Hi Wendie,

    So glad you like the new colour too! I'm very happy! lol

    I've loved different colour and shaped leafed plants for years. We also have lime green in the mix too. We have a lot of Acer’s and grasses in the garden, sadly not in that shot as they are all over the garden! We also have a lot of evergreens, that way there is greenery even in deep winter. :o))

    I feel so much better today, but now I am feeling the exhaustion after such attacks. I'm kinda fit for nothing and just ready for bed, but at least the episode has passed. ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  19. Hi michelle, so glad to read youre feeling a bit perkier ! I just love this summer house.
    The colour is one of my favourites and I would use antique white or cream with it.
    Its so fresh and pretty and OMG that garden ! I should post a pic of mine to give everyone a laugh. We had to halt building work because we didnt have planning permission and our builder went is like a builders yard !
    yours is so pretty, Oh to sit on that lawn with a glass of wine , or should that be Pimms LOL its a lovely spot,
    enjoy it !
    julie xxxxxxxxxx

  20. Hi Julie,

    Yes, I’m relieved that I do indeedy feel a lot perkier and I actually did a little work on Hogwarts wall!! I’m just hoping it continues ! :o)

    I like cream and green calming. I was going to have cream roller blinds, but these would get dirty after a short time (perhaps?) but moreover they wouldn’t keep much sun out. So I am opting for Julia’s idea of wooded blinds.

    LOL Oh poor old you! I can imagine what your garden is like! It must have been mayhem with the builders going AWOL! lol One of the more previous owners to our home chopped down 12 Scots Pines trees (they were over 100 feet high each) in our garden. It’s illegal in my area to chop a tree down over a certain size trunk and they received a huge financial fine for doing so. I LOVE trees, but to be honest they did us a favour as can you imagine having so many large trees so near to your home in high winds? It's bad enough as it is with so many large trees near by. Our land was reduced about 30 years ago and our road was born as new homes have been built on that land where our neighbours now live.

    Ooh Pimms in the shade! :o))

    Michelle xxxx

  21. Beautiful house! Glad you made the dcission about the colour! Pale green sounds nice! I love the view from your Mini Work Room!

  22. Hi Michelle. Lovely pics of your garden. It will be so nice to have a workshop surrounded by the changing seasons.

    Will you be able to keep it warm enough in the late Autumn and Winter?

    I am a great supporter of clean backgrounds so that all your houses and minis will be able to show up clearly.

    Are you going to have blinds. I think I might have to invest in some. My workroom was our 'sun room' although that makes it sound very grand, and I can't work in there some days because of the sun.

    Have a good weekend and I hope you continue to improve.

  23. Hi Ewa,

    The painting of the inside of the Summer House is underway! It's very hot in the UK today, so it's bit hard going! lol

    Michelle xxx

  24. Hi Janice,

    I am keeping the same form of heating and cool air system/fan that I had when I used it as a greenhouse, so I can sit out there any time of the year. :o)) Yes, I'm having wooden Venetian blinds to keep it cool and also help the keep the strong sunlight out. :o)

    We've had Conservatories (on the back of the house) in the past, but this house has a South/East facing garden so it would simply be too hot to have one for this house. lol We did have blinds though, when we did have a conservatory. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  25. Hi Michelle,
    Hope you are feeling a bit better now and have managed to get a bit of hogwarts done. What a fabulous garden and your garden house is beautiful. Perfect colours you've picked and it will be so restful. I love my shed, it's always a massive mess but I feel calm and peaceful when I'm in there. Hope you enjoy yours as much. Love Jainxx

  26. Hi Jain,

    I'm feeling heaps better now and in recovery, thank goodness!

    I'm pleased I chose that colour and the inside is a slightly paler shade with a white ceiling. I will have quite a lot of room when I move in there, so loads of space to make mess, but at least I won't have to clear it up so often when we have guests of if I need to get to something in the spare room! :o)))

    It should be a very peaceful place to work and minus my nosey hairy cats! lol

    I sat under the bamboo today whch creates a lot of shade. ;o)) Today was better weather wise as not so humid which I hate! lol

    Michelle xxx