Monday, 12 March 2012

Flourish & Blotts gets its front

 Only a little post and not too much to show yet.

It took me longer than I anticipated to do the fancy bit above the main shop window…in fact it took part of Friday evening and Saturday afternoon just to do that! The problem was that its not a true angle, if I had one of those mitre blocks which has almost every angle I would have been fine…unfortunately that is on my wants list because they aren’t cheap! So, it was a case of hand cutting and sanding the correct angle. The finish piece is not in the least bit perfect, but it’s okay. ;o)
The fancy bit above the windows will be added and painted the same colour as the brickwork. I will also paint the stone/brick window sills to match the brickwork too. These have yet to be cut, so that's why its one piece of wood at the moment! 
I contemplated this look too. I was going to have a smaller window along side the larger one, but I changed my mind and opted for two the same, I thought they looked better.
I still need to do another coat of primer to the bay window, covering that blue is a bit of a challenge! lol I also will be adding the panes to the shop door.  

All the pieces have been primed once or twice. I have also primed the plastic windows with a plastic primer too. This helps adhesion of the paint and stops a lot of the streaking that you can get when painting plastic. I have given the windows 2 coats. I will prime with normal wood paint too.
I have bought the brick paint, but I won’t do any of the main exterior painting on the wood pieces, e.g. door and windows till the brick work is painted. The brick work is a pale grey blue, so I’ve opted for a slightly more grey blue. I’m hoping this will tone in better with the green paintwork and also nor jar too much with Slug and Jiggers next door.    
This is the inside so far. I was going to prime it today but I ran out of time. I have been looking at the films and still images via the web. They are mainly the same but the back wall is a bit different for both upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs, in the still images, there is a large opening giving the suggestion of a further room, but in the film it is a Georgian window (behind Draco). Downstairs shows a small window in the film, but you can't really see that in any still images. I am opting for one small square window upstairs and in the middle. I was going to have a double door upstairs and have one of the door's ajar, this would take more room up and it would have made it a bit more interesting.   

The second floor or landing has now been cut. There are a lot of bookcases in this shop and on the left of the shop (at least) they go from the ground floor all the way up to the next floor. This is what I will have, I have however, left a small ledge, the bookcase will cover this but I have included it to give the floor stability…3 sides (the norm) attached to the walls is better than only 2.
My handrail which I will stain dark brown and varnish and the narrow pieces are primed spindles which I am making and cutting myself as they are flat with no fancy lathe work. All the woodwork (including the balustrade)  will be painted black and then varnished.  
The primed cornice

I have another 2 supplies lists ready to go! I am opting for red Damask wallpaper for this shop. Another shop I am having is red on the interior and I didn't want two shops with painted plastered walls. I have also received more supplies for 12 Grimmauld so I can get going on that more. 

I was busy tidying and getting everything ready in the Summer House today...yes, it's time to relocate my craft area! It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day today with azure skies. So, 12 Grimmuald and Flourish and Blotts will be relocated to my proper work area next weekend! ;o)))   

A big warm welcome to my new followers….I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx 


  1. Wow Michelle! Flourish and Blotts looks amazing! The bay window looks so wonderful and having two windows upstairs works really well!

    I think also, flourish and Blotts looks bigger on the film than the photos from when boris was looking around because they changed the building from a door in the middle with a bow at either side to a single window. The positioning of if also moves as in the first/ second film it's much lower down the street across from slug and jiggers funnily enough! I think for the last films, they were trying to get more of a dark, cramped look to the alley than previously.

    Love love love it though and having that balcony upstairs will look so realistic!

    Michael :)

    1. Hi Michael,

      Arh thank you. :o))

      The bookshop does look bigger in the film and a lot more stuffed with sooo many books! I'm gonna be busy for a very long time! lol

      I wondered why I could see a door in the middle and a window either side , I didn't know they changed it, but I knew they moved the location..the bookshop was more up the other end of the alleyway in the Chamber of Secrets!

      The balcony will take a bit of work, lots of wood detailing which I have ordered. The gold writing will be tricky, but I hope not impossible. ;o)

      I've ordered a small Victorian window for the back wall (upstairs), I decided that it would take less room up and I have another idea...if it will fit! lol

      Michelle :o))

  2. Hello Michelle!
    I love this structure! You did a superb job of mitering the trim above that window.
    It is so great to get to see the whimsical works you do and I smile everytime I see one of your amazing compositions. This one will be great!
    BTW your "cat" profile picture is wonderful....we have three cats and two dogs.
    I am assuming that his is one of yours?
    Looking forward to watching the progress on "Flourish and Blotts"
    Warm regards from Ray

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thank you so much! ;o)))

      I wish the mitring was better, but I didn't have the tools for the job so I had to do my best under the circumstances. ;o))

      I do prefer fantasy projects now, I only briefly dallied with more normal ones! :o)

      Yes,he's my cat and one rather naughty one I might add! I have one other, a chocolate self whose a lot older and a full British shorthair. My cat in the blog photo,he's a chocolate colour point, but he's only half a British shorthair...the other half is a Devon Rex where he get his naughtiness and brains from! lol I own or never had a dog, if I did I'd LOVE a white West Highland terrier or a small Pomeranian!

      Flourish and Blotts is a fun little shop, one of the smallest I've done to date and completely made from scratch which is my first. :o)

      Michelle :o))

  3. I like the two windows on top better than one. I can't wait to see the book shelves. It all look great Michelle ;)


    1. Hi Victoria,

      I was going to have 2 windows to start off with...but one smaller than the other.

      The bookshelves....I'm not making them. From the photo's and films they look fancy-ish. Probably something I could make if I put my mind to it. I'd rather have them made though simply because I think they will look more professional. :o))

      I can't wait to do the brick work though, that I love and painting!!! ;o)))

      Michelle xxx

  4. I'm anxious to see all ideas implemented. ;)
    See you soon.

    1. Hi Eliana,

      Me too! Hopefully they won't take too on order!

      Michelle xx

  5. Hello Michelle,
    The shop front is looking lovely. Good call on the 2 identical windows, and the bay looks wonderful.
    Great job!
    All the best,

    1. Hi Giac,

      Thank you!!! :o))

      Glad you like the latest shop. The two windows balances out better and glad that peeps agree with my choice. :o) You see real life shops and houses overhere like this too. ;o))

      Michelle :o))

  6. You're really moving on this one. It's a nice looking little property too. I got a mental picture of you - watch the film, pause, quick sketch, back to the film, pause.........!

  7. Hi Irene,

    It's the smallest one to date, but quite a bit of work in it, which I like!

    Arh, you are almost right...the only thing I don't do is take or do sketches! I really wish I could, but I can't sketch for toffee! lol I do lots and lots of mental notes. My best inspiration is my journey to and from work, I pass many different era of buildings...Georgian, Victorian and Tudor to name a few and nothing excites me more than having a good look at a decrepit and run down building! lol ;o)))

    Michelle xx

  8. Michelle, loving the two window layout on F & B's. Irs going to be fantastic.

  9. Hi Debbie,

    Thank you! ;o))

    I think it has more character with the two windows. My supplies should be with me for the weekend so I can start on the balcony and balustrade. Hmm that's inbetween cutting, staining the floorboards...hmm and general painting! lol

    Michelle xxx

  10. Im going to go against the masses and yes i prefer the two window layout but i really love the idea of the two differing sized top windows, one smaller than tother! The lower window and door is perfection to the real thing! With our ever changing weather you will be back and forth between both workrooms lol! Xxxx

  11. Hi Kate,

    The main shop window is like the one in the absolute pain to do the shop fascia though! lol

    The smaller window that I had was too big and looked Disproportioned compared to the other window. So I was going to make one smaller...but changed my mind because I thought it would look naff! lol The windows you see to buy are not narrow enough. :o( So, this was the best choice with what I could buy. I would have preferred to have kept true to the shop in the film. :o))

    Nah, once I settle up in the summerhouse its fine. Once the damp cold weather passes its fine up there. I haven't got to worry about dust and mess and all my paints and supplies, etc are there. The craft room has always been intended for 'cleaner' work and only used in the winter months when its too cold and damp to work and get anything to dry in the summer house.

    Michelle xxxx

  12. Hello Mini Friend.. I'm your newest follower and would love to inivte you to stop over for a visit and follow me when you get a chance.
    Have a fun filled day playing with your "minis".

    1. Hello and welcome Sandy!

      Yes you are!! :o)

      I've had a quick look at your blog and I've joined! I will have to go back and have a better look when I get time.....quite a few things to see! ;o))

      Roll on the weekend when I am home from work...then I can play. :o)

      Michelle xx