Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bye Bye Hampshire......Hellooooo Norfolk!

Hello one and all!

Did ya think I rolled under the sofa and got wedged in? Got myself a one-way ticket to the moon? Nah, instead I moved home...from Hampshire to Norfolk and relocated my job (working from home for a while). So I've been super busy and erm stressed to the hilt, I'm slowly coming down from that ceiling now...never did like heights! lol

I'm now back living on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and I live less than 2 miles from a village where I lived in a cottage during my early teens (I went to school in Norfolk). I'm now living on the edge of an old market town which is surrounded by farmers fields. I'm back to rural living, but not too remote (well not for me anyhow), there are a few pavements and main drainage, but no traffic lights for miles and miles! :o))))

I have 2 months off work, but I won't be doing any mini work for a while. My new home needs a lot of work (new bathrooms, new kitchen (which we think we may extend), every room needs redecoration,  flooring, carpets etc., and let's not get started on the back garden!), so an assortment of workmen will be in for a little while. It already has a Summer House (its going as its not viable), but it won't be used by me as a work space because I am having a purpose built one in the garden. :o)  Hopefully the latter won't be too long being completed and I will give you an update on that very soon.

More soon!

Michelle xxxx


  1. Wishing you every happiness in your New Home Michelle. Looking forward to seeing the pictures xxx

    1. Thank you Debbie!

      It's been such a long drawn out home move, I can't believe I'm actually here! lol Pictures as soon as I can! The great news is the cabin has been picked, it's the design I wanted, size and location (overlooking the garden to be!). :O))) xxxx

  2. Hi Michelle! It's Wonderful to see you back again! I was thinking of you the other day... Missing your mad ramblings...!:) I look forward to seeing more when the dust settles!

    1. Aww thank you! I've missed it here! I didn't have Internet access for 2 months...another reason why I wasn't here (I only had phone access).

      I hope to give an update on the progress of my craft cabin that's going to be built etc very soon! xxx

  3. Yeah cant wait to see pictures too.


    1. Hi Jenn,

      Just as soon as we can. Just getting building quotes for all sorts. We have to clear the land where the cabin needs to go first.:o)) xxx

  4. Hello! Nice to hear from you, I was already wondering where you might be :-)I hope you can settle down in your new home soon!
    Greetings, Sandra

  5. Hello Sandra,

    It's been ages huh! Thank you though. :o))

    I have been busy planning and buying for new projects, lots of different types and scales! 1/48th scale projects and a 1/12th seaside project are most likely to be shown first. :o))Of course along with the building of my craft cabin. xxx

  6. Great to hear from you Michelle!

    Glad you're finally settling into your new home and hope it all goes well

    Looking forward to seeing your projects develop in future too


    1. Hello Michael,

      It's been a while huh, it shouldn't have been 'this' long! lol

      I hope to order my craft cabin this week (once I know when the ground work can begin etc). Once the cabin is up I can unpack and start creating again.

      I haven't been completely idle, I've been planning projects and buying 'em! :o)

      Michelle :O))