Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My Craft Cabin arrives....

 A little update on the cabin progress!

It's been mighty manic today! We had the cabin delivered, which took just under 2 hours to unload from the lorry, a new telly (because my HDMI socket died!) and a new car... and the double glazing man come about new doors and windows...all in one day! lol No mini's done for a few days...I hope to do some soon! 

Anyhow, the garden has now been cleared of the two apples trees. Weed killer has been applied where the cabin will go.  :o)

Next the Summerhouse will be taken down and relocated to another part of the garden, down the side of the bungalow, because we aren't now keeping the shed. The Summerhouse is larger and in better condition. Repairs will be made and the design tweaked and it will hold our garden tools etc. :o)) It will be painted the same colours as my cabin.
 There are all sorts amongst the garden debris, not just the weeds to clear! lol
 Apples and more apples and an old rusty and unopened tin of something?!?! 
 Inside the Summerhouse, it reminds me of a beach hut that you see on English seaside promenades.
It needs repairs, the roof and obvious wood replacements! 
The cabin arrived today! We are having its base laid on the 12th and 13th October and its construction on 23rd October...weather permitting! Pray for NO rain! lol

The cabin is 19.4 feet wide, by 11.6 feet deep. It's not humongous but not exactly small either. Some of you know what it will look like already. It will have a garden all around it and a small seating area to the left side of it. :o)
 It's all covered over safe from bad weather. I had green shingles for my Summerhouse before, but you won't see the roof too much so I've opted to have just plain grey felting for this one. 
Some of the extra's purchased, the finials for the side ends of the roof, door furnishings to keep the doors open and some of the fire retardant application.  

 More soon, in the meantime...be good! 

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx 


  1. I know just how excited you must be Michelle. Keep us updated on your progress..

    1. I am, I've waited so long to move and get settled...this is the icing on the cake and more!

      As soon as the garden gets cleared and base starts getting laid I will be taking photo's! :O)))

      Michelle xx

  2. What a shame you had to take out the apple trees! But it is all for a good cause. You've got quite a job ahead of you! Very exiting!

    1. Oh I know Josje, I had to go in another part of the house when they were being taken down. :o( Even if the cabin wasn't going there, one would still need to go. The garden (and property) has been neglected for some time and the back garden hadn't been cared for, the fruit trees hadn't been looked after as they should be and were a mess.

      We will be replanting more and more appropriate ones for the garden. We are garden lovers (our last garden and the one before that, we inherited just grass, but we left mature gardens). :o))

      I cannot wait fo the cabin and I'm so excited! Lets hope the weather is kind. We need to paint the cabin too, so it needs to last! lol

      Michelle :o))

  3. Wow.... so much to do! Hope the weather stays fine for the build. Keep us posted with photos please.... :) Sx

    1. There is Sandra....that's our current mantra..'So much to do', but not in a good way! lol lol

      We must pray for good dry weather! Will share photo's of all progress! :o))

      Michelle xxx

  4. Glad to hear you and your family have finally made the move to Norfolk and that you are keeping busy honey!!!
    The cabin sounds the perfect size but are you sure it's going to be big enough for your collection? Ha! Ha!
    Can't wait to see it all come together. Will it be heated to allow for all year use? Massive amounts of working space too, you lucky thing.

    1. We are so very relieved Janice, total nightmare from the word go! Oh VERY busy...every day there is someone or something coming or being delivered! lol

      I 'should' have enough space Janice! lol :oP I'm having wall to wall lateral/horizontal work tables and/or chest of drawers that are 2 and a half feet deep all around the cabin walls. I also plan to have further shelving on the walls too and storage under all the work tables etc. I have a plan! :o))
      What I don't use I will sell on. :o)

      I plan to have 2 work tables about 5 feet long each. One where I can keep tools out on and the other what I'm working on. I have 3 pull out chest of drawers where I dry things on or move things off my immediate work area. Well, that's the plan! It's not cast in stone...I'm certain I will tweak my ideas and planes as I go. :o)

      Yes, fully insulated (its double glazed too) and will be heated..I'd freeze to death! lol Of course good lighting and I will have a fridge/kettle too...well ya know, it's thirsty work! lol

      I popped on your blog a couple of times...you've been busy playing tennis all summer and been really busy too! I did wonder where you'd been! :)

      Michelle xx