Monday, 4 November 2013

Paint on the cabin...

Just a tiny post to show some progress...a little only! Well the garden is still like a builders yard, but the whole of the cabin is now painted with 2 coats of paint...well the outside! As the basecoat gives as much protection as the top coat we are going to leave the top coat till Spring when we can guarantee better weather. 

All the Georgian bars have been removed from the windows and won't be fitted back on until they are fully painted.
The blue is masking tape to protect the glass from paint! It's not a new and somewhat lurid look! lol 

No, my cabin hasn't been turned into a spa or sauna! lol As you know we are having the whole of our home gutted and bathroom 1 is currently undergoing just that. The plumber was checking over the bath in my cabin and making the holes for the taps, so that's why its in there. :o)

Inside the cabin which is awaiting its paint. I may keep the main ceiling beams natural wood. 
It looks a little lost in here....but...
Here it is in its rightful home. It still isn't fitted and plumbed in....the bathroom isn't finished yet by far. :o))

Update as soon as the inside is started on!

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx 


  1. I didn't know you were putting a bathroom in? that's awesome I cant wait to see more :)

    1. Marisa, we have to redo the entire house. We are going to start on the other bathroom next. Everything needs redoing, that includes re-plastering the ceilings, walls, new flooring, new bathrooms and kitchen. Plus redecorating the bedrooms, living room etc. We have the back garden to do in tandem! lol

      We had the cabin put up the same day the above bathroom was started on, so we had 5 workmen around, lol

      I don't usually show my home on my blog (I do on FB), but I will show updates onhere if peeps wish to see what we've had done. :O))

      Michelle xx

  2. The cabin looks great! With the bath in there you get a sense of how big it actually is, much bigger than it looks from the outside!
    Your new bathroom looks wonderful. Love the bath and the tiles.

    1. That cabin is like a tardis Josje! lol From the outside it's very deceiving, even I was really surprised the first time I went in it! The bath does indeed give an indication of how large it is. I will try and take a decent panoramic photo of the inside so peeps can see better, as a normal photo doesn't show much. Of course, once I start adding tables and my collection the size will show more.

      I'm really thrilled with the bathroom. The ridge tiles have now been added and the wallpaper is on order. It's classic style - Victoriana. The LED spot lights are being fitted soon and then all the painting of the ceiling and wood too!

      Michelle xx

  3. Oh Michelle I had a giggle!!! I looked at the photos before I read it and thought what the...... a bath in her craft room as well! goodness thats a new thing my mind got a bit boggled hahahahah!!!

    1. Deni you aren't the first one to laugh, quite a few peeps stopped and looked and then wondered whether I'd changed my mind! lol The bathroom men put the bath straight in front of the French doors too, so I almost had an al fresco bath(time)! lol

      The bath is fully plumbed in the bathroom I have my cabin back and the workmen have finished for now. This week we hope to
      start painting the inside (now we can get in there). The electrics and consumer box etc will be fitted in December (the only time the electrician is free), so I need to buy my ceiling lights. ;o))

      Michelle xx

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for your lovely, long comment. I had been following the progress on your cabin on Facebook, interested in how you do things, see if I can learn from you :). And I'm very curious to see the colours on it, as I haven't decided on mine yet.
    Dutch weather is very similar to the English weather, I think. I live in the eastern part, so less fog than the west, but more real rain, and damp anyway. And I haven't thought much about the damp yet, you have a good point there. It will affect miniatures more than cold. See my conservatory: the "stone" walls are made of airdrying clay. I have been monitoring it: how does the table feel when I go in there and it's cold? But I hope it will be okay if I heat the place at least once a week, and perhaps add a special dehumidifying salt container. We'll see.
    As for the cold: the walls are 5 cm think and the windows are double glazed, so with some insulation, I should be able to keep it frostfree, without a too high energy bill. Last winter we had two weeks of minus 20 degrees Celsius at night, and we live far from civilization, so minus 20 will be minus 20. This night the central heating has been on several times to keep the house on 12 degrees... Well, the house could use some insulation as well. I imagine all the birds on the roof of the cabin to keep warm :). Fire-free insulation indeed: a smoke/CO-alarm and a fire-extinguisher were almost the first things to go in the cabin. Imagine all those hours of work destroyed in a few seconds!

    Keep the photo's of your cabin coming, love to see more!


    1. Hello Marit,

      I did think you were on FB and a friend of mine, but as I hadn’t seen you around for so long I did wonder, but now I know why. :o)

      Firstly, the colours I’m having are 3 blog posts back (see the cabin base..the colours are mentioned there). The outside will be apple green with a warm cream on the windows and doors and on the inside, the walls will be pale pink with off white ceiling. There’s a lot of wood to cover and I didn’t want all white on the inside this time around. ;o) The furniture etc will be all white with some chrome fittings etc.

      Your cabin wall thickness is the same as mine and mine is double glazed too (the same as new double glazing in UK homes). I didn’t opt for thermal walls (9 inches thick), I could only warrant the extra cost if I was working in there all day everyday. I was advised that my wall thickness should be fine for my needs. My floor will be insulated though. So, I have opted for a powerful convector heater that has 3 wattage settings and I can set it to come on to keep the frost out. My cabin is 19.4 feet wide by 11.5 feet deep, so I needed something powerful enough to heat something that size.

      I am also going to add a large bowl of re-useable silica that absorbs the moisture from the air (it works the same as normal salt, but it‘s reusable by drying it in a micro-wave), this will help and assist with keeping the air dry (I will send you details of the above in a message on FB, so you have some idea what I’ve bought ). I don’t know how often you plan on going in your cabin, but even if you went in there for an 1 hour of a little less a day with a heater on, it would help to keep everything dry. However, it does get mighty cold where you are and it’s prolonged, you might need a heater on at night when the temperatures dip so low. I think it may be a case of seeing how it goes.

      I hadn’t thought about a fire extinguisher, I’ll get a small one…and put one on my list of needs, thanks for that! :o) My cabin has had fire retardant applied to 3 sides (the outside).

      Now the workmen are out, the inside can be started on. Today I bought my lights, I’m have 2 strips of spotlights on the middle rafter, it’s the equivalent of 400 watts of light…so it will be bright (I will be seen from space! Lol) and that‘s without my daylight work lamps! lol

      Photo’s soon!
      Michelle xx