Monday, 19 May 2014

My cabin gets its window boxes and my garden

My window boxes are on and now planted up! I did change a couple of plants (bush fuchsia's ) and this was only because I want the windows open in the hot weather and they'd get damaged as they are fairly rigid, so I opted for all softer stemmed plants and trailing plants.  
The warm weather has made them all grow and most are now either in bloom or will be. Only the roses won't bloom this year.
 I like to pop out there daily and see the changes...
It's settling down now. ;o)
I'm thrilled with it. We did try and get the fabric for the curtains and blinds, but they didn't have what I wanted, so tomorrow we will go to another shop.   
The Angel's Choir Poppies, they need to be 3 times this sized and fully acclimatised before they can be planted outside.
 We've planted up the spare fuchsia's in other receptacles! lol

I just need to do my half barrel which will be filled with water and have water plants and small log for the water loving things to climb out. :o) The lawn can't be laid until the soil is settled down, that bench still tends to sink abit when more than one person sits on it'! lol The soil needs more stomping on! lol 

The garden down the side of my cabin has been planted up too. It has a loganberry and a tayberry plus 2 climbing roses, wild strawberries and sweet peas in an old wash tub that was left here in the garden when we moved in.    

This is what we call the pottery. Terracotta pots have been placed in the branches of a chopped down self sown tree (it's not dead as we thought it might be) and so it has nicely softened the look. Terracotta pots are also half buried in the soil too. The soil here is extremely dry due to the Spanish bay tree, the soil is chock-a-block with roots too, so anything that is planted here needs to be small going in and like it dry and fairly shaded. 
This is our small water feature (the tree) where water runs down and flows back.  My Dad hasn't completed the electrics for it yet. It will be fully planted up with more ferns and hosta's, it will emulate woodland.
 It's all rather stark and contrived looking at the moment, in time it will soften.
 We have a small (bought) bare rooted cherry tree (Stella variety) to the far right.
 The two new purple leafed trees don't grow anymore than 18 feet high.  
The two smaller window boxes made from the left overs from mine. My Mum would have preferred the front wood panels to match each other...if you look closely you can see what I mean. Once the trailing plants grow they will cover the fronts and the differences won't show. :o)    
The fence trellis has been added to support my evergreen honeysuckle, I will have a 'living fence' of green all year. :o) I have some sweet peas (out of view) growing there too...till the honeysuckle gets going.  
There are two buddliea's here, a hardy fuchsia and two non hardy ones. The viburnum was already there.
These two confers are going to be planted into the two black pots in the front garden. They are very slow growing and won't outgrow the pots for many years.
The red and yellow bed is settling in and will in years to come stand out against the green confers already in situ. The red (tree version) forest pansy is just breaking out into leaf. They are always one of the last things to do so, many people think they are dead, they are not...just slow to break from winter dormancy. 
 To the right, you can just about see my blue spruce tree!  
 I can't wait for it to grow more! lol
We are going to try and pull that bottom branch's been shoved up against something whilst at the nursery (we only had a choice of two to chose from and this was the better one of the two). 
There are 3 wild ducks that live down our road, they live on the river at the bottom of it. One of them has had 9 babies! Here they are in their make shift pond-let in our garden! lol They have a lot of fun in that! lol  
 Quack, quack Mrs Duck! :o)

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx


  1. Absolutely stunning.....and that is without it all growing in yet. This will be so beautiful when it is done Michelle xxx

    1. Aww thank you and we hope so! The new lawn in the back garden has now grown and can hardly tell it's not been down a week! lol Well, we've had a fair bit of rain!


  2. oh Michelle its gorgeous! I love green perfect colour!
    the garden is lovely as well and the window boxes make it really charming!
    wow!!!!! look at Mrs Duck!!!

    1. I searched and searched for that colour and shade and it wasn't easy or cheap! lol However, I happen to think it was worth hanging out for.The window boxes have grown quite a bit now as have the little ducklings! ;o)

  3. oh Im embaressed to pieces to show you the state of my yard, I wish I had your green thumb :(


    1. Awww, I've been gardening since I was 15 when I had 2 greenhouses. Most of my Mum's family were keen gardeners so I've inherited the love of as has my Mum. ;o)


  4. Love how all the plants are settling down and filling out Michelle. Its going to be fabulous. Love how Mummy Duck has brought the babies for a

    1. The beds that were planted up at the beginning of the year, no longer look new...that's kinda scary, I think it must be all th at manure etc! lol

      Those ducklings and Mummy pop by everyday for their duck food and they are growing! They do however wander into the back garden, but as soon as their food box comes out off they go into the front garden to eat! lol xxx

  5. Amazing, i so wish i could pop over to see it in person. lol


    1. Hey Jenn, just hop on a plane and you can! lol ;o))

  6. The garden looks so beautiful. Your ducks seem very happy with their landlords too!

    1. Aww thank you Shannon. ;o) They are happy little chappies, we just have to watch that they only eat their given food! lol

  7. I am totally in awe of your garden Michelle! So lovely even now, when it's still new <3

    1. That's so kind to say Karin. The back garden was so sad when we first see it. It's not the first garden we've done from scratch or there about's...probably the 4th and although they are hard work in the beginning, it is worth it in the end .....I think. ;o))