Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mr Mulpepper's Apothecary, and dentist - update

I've been quiet, but I've been busy! ;o) I've been working on 3 project's simultaneously and Mr Mulpepper's is one of them! 

I've decorated the inside, I've had the wallpaper's a while and the top rooms are tiny!  I decided that I didn't want a complete continuation  of a theme upstairs in all my Harry Potter projects, namely my Diagon Alley shops, so for a while I was trawling all through the type of businesses that could be upstairs. I decided upon a Dentist, called Rinz & Spit and the Dentist is Professor Fetor Oris (thank you Mags and Jayne!). The other room will be a combination of a waiting room come storage area. I really is in its raw stages of planning, so lots will change from what you see here today. 
As always the building got turned upside down so I could work on the ceilings and lighting.  I also completed the wallpapering too!
 The nice clean and erm shiny paper wasn't there for long.... lol lol 
 Ta da! Nasty and horrid...what a rotten hole one might say! lol
These rooms are still work in  progress and the light shades need dirtying up and dust added... and I'm not sure how to do the latter yet and to make it look realistic. I've seen artisan's pull that look off with aplomb....I have lots to learn! 
The tongue and groove for the dentist's office. I did an undercoat of grey and top coat of a horrid brown!  Again photo's show work in progress. 
This building is 1/12th scale,  but the doorways are smaller than normal. Rather than attempt to make my own, I decided on false doors. This one isn't fixed in yet and it needs its door furnishings etc.  
The hallway. I didn't redecorate this because it was impossible to remove the staircase without breaking it, so ageing and distressing was a work around...it's okay but not how I would have done it working from a clean slate again. 
The opening front panel needs all the window glazing and frames adding as well as door architrave and furnishings. The shop window shelves aren't fixed in yet either, on the real shop the slop towards the front and mine may do too.
Still work in progress as I want to try and blend so all the tongue and groove panels look like one piece...most will be covered up thank goodness, as my floor at the back was a tad uneven where it used to allow light wires through. 
 Trying the false doors for size...
 Still  lots to do.... 
There's a space here between the dentist's unit and filing cabinet....unsure what to fill it with....stacks of files and books...who knows! 

All the furniture  throughout will be distressed and that filing cabinet will not be shiny etc and maybe not mahogany either!!!
It's only a practice run, no serious dressing etc yet! I still need to buy loads and commission's being completed as I write.
Not sure if the lamp will stay red...it may change to grey or black. It has the shortest wire I've ever seen on a light! I also pull down the wire and attach it to the back of the desk with masking tape. 
 I'm going to paint the oxygen tank black with a white top (if I can!) I still need to fit the main light which is attached to a fan....unsure if I'm going with that idea...
The waiting room come storage room for the apothecary....,the chairs need some work done to them and I may take the back off that wall unit, or I may not have it all! This room has been the hardest to envisage! It needs clutter!
The shop part...there will be two back wall units, one I have taken apart already to change and distress. Again, lots will change in here...or it may not. Unsure of the final layout yet. 

I have two counters like this, but I will only have one in here. This is a vintage piece made in 2001 made by The Miniature Display Company.  
The side wall unit is German made and I have a long counter too (for another shop), again both vintage pieces. 
Playing with layouts....I think it will be more rustic than this kind of look...it all seems too Muggle like! lol It needs to be cluttered and stuffed! lol

I also added the lead roof to Slug & Jigger's bowed window! At long last! lol All my bays and bowed windows will have a lead roof. It took a while to work out a neat and tidy way to do it, I found it wasted a bit of precious lead, but I can use this around chimney stacks etc.

 It just needs a bit more dirtying and damp added!

I have a few comments to reply to on previous posts, it will get done I promise! ;o)

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx


  1. love watching this coming together :D xxx

  2. Lots of interesting ideas Michelle! I love your ability to grunge everything up and make it appear old. To get the mossy, mouldy look, do you use green paint? It looks so good.

  3. Que gran trabajo estás haciendo!! El aspecto antiguo te queda perfecto y los muebles son impresionantes!!!!

  4. Hello Michelle,
    Your rooms are great and I like your furniture placement...you are off to a great start. As for the building, I repeat: your ageing and finishing is beautiful.
    Big hug,

  5. It's looking fantastic, I can not believe how much work you have done. The wallpaper distressing has really paid off in achieving the look you were going for.

  6. Gosh Michelle, you really have been hard at it! As usual your ageing and dirtying of your properties is amazing. I love the outside of Slug and Jiggers, superb! The lead just finishes off the window. Brilliant! I also love the dentist's furniture, and I have no doubt once you 'get at them' that you will have an amazing space. Love your posts!
    All the best

  7. Brilliant work as usual and I love the vintage display counters & the dentist chair.

  8. Lots done Michelle. Loving how it is all coming together.