Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My Craft Room Revamp and Hogwarts

 Firstly, Happy New Year!!!!

Well, I was going to call this post Armageddon has hit! As you can see my craft room is in one atrocious state! The daybed has been removed, but its 3 drawers have been stacked up with boxes of mini’s, supplies, kits and buildings!
As you go into the room, it just gets so much worse! I’m currently working on Hogwarts, so I have all the kit in here, plus lots of supplies for it.
This is what I call Hell’s corner…I really hate looking at it, it’s dire! lol

The new furniture for storage was due to arrived tomorrow, but apparently there has been a change to IKEA’s drivers rota’s so it’s all now coming on the 18th January.   

The new storage will go along the wall as you look into the room and go under some of the window too. There will be approx. 11 feet of work-top to have my projects on, that’s also 2 feet deep. I am hoping to have all of my Diagon Alley project’s here. I will only know if they will all fit once they are all put together! 

There will also be a deep shelf above that will have smaller projects on as well as other non mini items on there.

I plan on having two craft tables to create an L-shape. This should make my life so much easier overall.  I need to buy lots of internal storage that will all need labelling too, I can‘t begin to tell you just how much time I have lost just looking for something! Once a lot of that is done, I will also sort out the other units in the room as they are poorly utilised and could hold so much more than they do. I also have a pull out table behind the 2 plastic storage chests that again could come in handy. ;o)    
The tapestry that I printed on was washable linen. My very first attempt. I have printed 2 others and I plan to print more and then decide what I want to use. I prefer this one, only because the colours are more muted and therefore look more aged.  It will be hang on an aged wooden pole which you can't see here! I'm not having them cover the whole of the walls like in the film.

I have been busy doing some work on Hogwarts, a few of the lights have been fitted, I’ve printed off one of the Lady and Unicorn tapestries for one wall too. I have started on the exterior beamwork and done most of the plaster work too.  
I have hand cut and whittled the beams  and they have been stained, they will be aged further once the plaster has been applied and then the beams will be glued on. The support beams (short chunky ones) would have been like this, but the other beams, I have cut them in a rather wild way as they are emulating Whomping Willow beams! ;o) I did these for Hogwarts' alley way, so I have to continue it throughout the whole of the project. 
The third  row design has changed from this and more plaster added in-between the beams. The 3rd row though as been left for now, as this has to tie in with wood on the roof (sides).
 The front now hinged on.

A lot of the time has been taken up in adapting the kit as two (as it was one before it was cut in two). We’ve also had to (of course) cut the roof in half and see how that fits together (this kit is not easy!). The main problems have been the warping of the MDF! I did seal the MDF before I worked on it, but it was largely ineffective (I have since used Dulux’s Difficult Surface primer) and the kit warped something chronic, not just the building but the base too. This has prevented the front panel opening and shutting easily, so it’s taken a lot of sanding to get this to open smoothly.  I had to cut over half of the front (base) off.

Now the front is on I have lots of things to do on it…but of course I have to sort the craft room out too! So, I have no idea just how long that will take to do…as I only work 4 days per week, I might have 2 days sorting the room out and 1 day of mini working….I will see! I’m gonna be busy though!   

My main plan this year is to complete as many of the kits (shells) as I can, I can worry about filling them a bit later. There will of course be some mini’s bought, I have some commission’s due and some shortly…some for Slug and Jiggers, one for Sugar Plum’s (the Gob Stopper maker!) and one for Hogwarts too. They are key pieces. :o)

I have also bought another kit for Diagon Alley…oh dear I hear you say…’another one’?! Yes, another one! I have pretty much decided what it will be and I hope to be able to open it the opposite way to the other kit that I have of it. I have no idea whether that idea will actually work…but I can only try!

I have been busy buying kits in 2011, some have not been seen on my blog and most are unusual.  I haven’t decided on their fate yet….I might add 2 or 3 of them together. I pretty much plan to turn them into buildings from Harry Potter..but this is a while off yet methinks. I’m hardly short of decided projects to do! 

A big warm welcome to my new followers….I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx 


  1. my room is a huge jumble of things too, I was invaded by our computer table and files. Looking forward too seeing your new cabinets, I have one similar to yours there already but it has glass doors. I really wish i had a bigger room.

    mini hugs,

  2. You certainly have quite a bit going on!

    Oddly enough, your craft room does not look that messy to me, mine is far worse at the moment. I'm sure you will enjoy having all of the organized storage space. :)

  3. Esa casita te está quedando genial, me gusta mucho el detalle de la madera en el exterior. Saludos.

  4. wish I was lucky enough to have a craft room.. It would make everything so much easier! 
    The Tapestry looks brilliant.. So perfect for hogwarts and what a great idea!
    Another diagon alley shop! Wow, things will definitely never got boring! Can't wait to see the street slowly build over the course of the year then! 
    Excited to see the gob stopper machine after you were telling me about it in your message+ to see the other pieces..
    Fantastic as always... ! 

  5. Hi Michelle
    Those lights look!
    It doesn't matter how often I tidy my workroom, it never stays tidy for more than 1 'working' day!

  6. Thats a big room lucky you! Just think of how wonderful it wil be when you have it all sorted you will have such a sense of achievment and such a display! I just love the beams and having that theme working through the projects is another great idea by you! Lots to do i see, so many ideas, bet you cant wait for your mini room to be up and running, and you still have that beautiful room with a view for the summer work too!!! Xxxxx

  7. Michelle, the door you made on Hogwarts is beautiful! I understand how to build it...but would you share how you did the weathered finish on it? I'm assuming grey paint with a black wash?


  8. Oh I know what I am going to be jealous of, Michelle! Your new table! Gosh, I wish I had place to put something that big in!LOL!
    Good to read about you working on Hogwarts! And I am so curious of all the dollhouses you haven't showed here so far!

  9. Hogwarts look so great!! And I think you´re working room looks pretty neat and tidy. You should see the place where I´m working... :D

  10. Hi Jenn,

    Great to see you here as I know how might busy you have been! ;o)

    I have no idea why I didn’t think to revamp my room before…long before now. It must be hard for you to work with other things in the room, is there no way that the computer table and files could go elsewhere to give you more space?

    When I bought these cabinets they sold the glass ones too, but as I wanted them for storage then and not display cabinets tis why I chose these ones. The new furniture is white and one unit that’s going under one of the craft table’s is beach so that will tie in with the rest of the room too.

    Michelle xxx

  11. Hi Dale,

    Never a dull or bored moment huh?! Lol I’m scratching my head thinking how can my room look tidy?!
    The disorganisation and mess I find rather stressful and I don’t work well within that type of environment! Lol

    I’ve decided to tidy it up a bit over the weekend and then take myself off to the summer house where it is much tidier and work on my other project till the room is more sorted out!

    Michelle xx

  12. Hi Eloisa,

    Glad you like it! There is still a lot of work to do on that plaster and beam work…so it will change lots! ;o)

    Michelle xx

  13. Hi Michael,

    I know I’m very fortunate to have proper work areas/rooms and yes it does make life a lot easier, because you can just leave things out and then come back to something where you left off.

    I have no idea how many buildings I will get to work on this year….however over the last 3 years I have slowly learnt a few methods and used a few mediums so that’s mostly half the battle so who knows!

    It won’t be boring at all! ;o) I just always wish I had more time to devote to building them and of course more money! ;o)

    Dennis is creating little miracles with that Gob Stopper Machine! ;o)

    Michelle :o))

  14. Hi Mags,

    LOL Those lights have certainly been around and you can’t say that’s the case with many lights! I’m so thrilled with them though and have 3 more to fit…not sure what rooms yet! Lol

    Every so often have a big tidy up of both work areas. I try and keep as tidy as I can, but this is the worst its been for obvious reasons! Lol

    Michelle xx

  15. Hi Kate,

    I know I’ve never shown this room in it’s entirety, and I guess it‘s not a bad size! I am so excited to have many of my projects in this room as well as all my mini’s. It will be a much better environment for them and of course so much easier to see them too! It will leave my witches house in the summer house and eventually Hogwarts. Most of my supplies will be stored in the summer house.

    Where I can, I will do all the dirty work in the summerhouse and clean and smaller work in the craft room. There are some kits what will have to be done in the craft room, so that’s why I’m having 2 tables…more the project and the other for materials and an area to work on!

    I love being in the summer house in the spring and summer…things dry so quickly and no smells in the house to contend with! Lol

    I have no idea why I showed that particular photo of my beams! I have one far more progressed and where the plasterwork has been tidied up! Lol Hogwarts is beams and plaster….it would be odd looking not to continue in the same theme all over. Glad you like my mad beams so far, they need masses of work to be done on them yet and the plaster needs to be aged and the bricks painted! lol

    Michelle xxxx

  16. You will have masses of space to work in here! I do not have nearly enough "horizontal space" in my studio and I'm currently looking at ways to improve on that. I had built-ins done a few years ago but that is shelves for storage.

    I'll bet you can't wait to get it all sorted and get started on your projects!

  17. Hi Dennis,

    I know you asked about my doors a while back. You aged your beams perfectly on your wizards house! ;o)) Oh how I love that house! ;o))))

    Anyhow back to your question…well yes and no! lol

    The finished look depends on what colour you stain your beams to start with. Oak tends to go a silvery grey, so for a really weathered Oak look I tend to have more black in my stain than brown, and regardless whether the stain is more brown than black I always add a little light grey and sometimes even a smidgen of olive green (I tend to add that if my wash is more brown). I usually do 3 - 4 coats of stain some more washy than others and I mix up 3 different washes. I use my fingers to blend. :o)

    For the aged look, I use white with a smidgen of light grey. Your wash should not look grey, it should look white but with the edge taken off as it were! My wash is not particularly opaque either…quite dense. I apply in certain areas and use my fingers to blend and dictate areas of more weathering than others. I always go with the direction of the grain too. Sometimes after that I water down my white wash quite a lot and go over very lightly over the whole area.

    I add that last bit of ageing of dirt/dark damp by using a very dark brown almost black wash and then apply green damp where it would be. ;o))) I age my beams and doors slightly differently, simple because they age in different ways! Lol ;o))

    Michelle :o))

  18. Hi Ewa,

    LOL The main reason I am having the large work area is because when the large side of Hogwarts was on the table (its on the floor at them moment) it took up 3/4s of the table, so I didn’t have enough space to work. ;o)

    The smaller side which I’m working on now…shouldn’t take me too long….it’s the beams that take the side and as the greenhouse is on the other side, I won’t have so many beams to make. ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  19. Hi Johanna,

    Well thank you, it still needs tons of work to be done on it and also repairs to the door…where it feel down last week! It’s all repairable though.

    I can’t believe that so many think my room is tidy as it is now? Lol lol When it’s more tidy and normal to me, I must work in a really tidy room compared to most then. ;o)

    You make some lovely mini’s and I love that panelling you have made too…as they say you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs!

    Michelle xx

  20. Hi Susan,

    I never ever thought that this room had that amount of potential! I did think about rearranging the larger wall units, but the best clear space is on the other wall where my Diagon Alley etc will live. The internal cupboard I don’t want permanently blocked off, as it’s filled with books. If that wasn’t there nor the chimney breast the room would be better still.

    The lack of horizontal space is the bane of most collectors etc….just never enough of it! I’m sure if you rethink your space you might be able to improve on it?

    I hope for it to be a busy year…and maybe more constructive! For if I’m more organised and have more space and can work on more than one project at a time….I might get more done! ;o)

    Michelle xxx

  21. My room is also a jumble of things.When it is tidy it won´t be longer than one day.
    Your project is fantastic.
    I also love Harry Potter.

  22. Hi and welcome Melanie!

    Well, I am hoping my craft room won't be a mess for too much longer! I have seen craft tables from IKEA that I plan to buy next month (if I can get them in the car!!!)

    I have many projects and mostly to do with Harry Potter. I hope to tweak my blog so peeps can see them again (in the making etc)soon. ;o)

    Michelle :o))