Monday, 31 March 2014

Mrs Puddifoot's Tea shop, new shops for Diagon Alley...and my cabin's new shelf!

I know, I know the title is a bit of a long mouthful! I didn't think it was worth splitting up the subjects into separate posts...not enough to show, and you'd be so bored you'd be snoring!  

I didn't get so much done this weekend, I had behind the scenes things to do (the heat gun had to come out again!). ;o) I have taken the door off, taken some off the sides so it fits within the door frame as it should. :o)  I also added some damp areas to the brick work, but not lots. I have left very tiny areas of white showing through too...this is the suggestion that the bricks were once painted white and the blue paint has chipped off (a number of Diagon Alley shops show idea why they would have ever been painted white!). lol

Again, my photo's show a combination of flash on and flash off on my camera, the brighter photo's are of course with the flash on. :o)  
I've primed it all and have replaced the door trims. One piece of trim was a tad bowed, so it took some force to keep it pinned down. Grrrr! 
I've painted two thin layers of the top coat to both the door and trims. They will be aged and distressed later on. I'm checking it all still fits in the's always best to keep checking such things...I've been caught out in the past! Eeek! lol
How it will look once its put back in with the front opened.   
Today I started on some of the clay work for the panel. Not the easiest piece to do, mainly because I wasn't sure what style the bricks should be around the window! ;oP
I went for this style! I won't add all bricks to this part, plain plaster to tie in with some on the fronts.  I thought it would look aesthetically better too. ;o)
My chimney stack painted and with its chimney added too! I haven't aged the cement yet as it's still damp. I decided to go for natural but aged and dirtied bricks, not painted the same colour as the shop this time. I must remember though to do a different style of brick pattern around the top edge! I meant to do it this time but I forget! D'oh! 
I will be starting on the roof tiles at the weekend....I'm about at that stage now. :o)
My Dad has also put up my long shelf in my cabin! Hurray!!!! It's 16 feet long and just over 18 inches deep. Each bracket holds 31.5 stone (14 lbs to a stone for those outside the UK), so it will take some weight eh! ;o)  The brackets also fold down. They aren't pretty brackets at all, but they had to serve a practical purpose so pretty ones would have been wasted. ;o) I've moved lots of projects up there for now. ;o)
I'm thrilled with it!
I have a wotnot (it's laying down on the chest of drawers) to go up on the other side of the cabin (on the wall end where I sit, and my pocket watch clock will go on that wall too). This week I will order the Barnpaint for the outside, it's a super-duper sealer for all weather and my Farrow & Ball paint will go on top of that.   
Because I need to have an idea of layout for my Diagon Alley, one of my biggest kits has been unpacked. It weighed an absolute ton and no wonder they cost a bomb to post, and that's within the UK! Here it is all laid out...  
One reason to clear all the decks!
The smaller and detailed pieces of the kit.
 Sorting the pieces out....
My Dad will make up the basic shell for me and the rest is left to me (it's bigger than me..well almost lol). ;o))) 
Here is is! The photo is from the instructions. The corner shop will be Twilfitt & Tattings (a wizards and witches clothes shop), and the other end one will be Scrivenshaft's Quill shop (it sells inks, paper etc., too) and in the middle will be Wiseacres Wizarding Instruments or possibly Dogweed and Deathcap (though this might go in another kit or The Magic Neep). For the latter shop I was going to put it in a much bigger shop, but not only was it really too big for the Alley, it really didn't tie I've switched it to this shop. I have a number of other shops I am going to do too...more on that another time. ;o) 
The inside...not sure where I will have the dividing walls, but on the right side (one room) will be where the witches and wizard clothes are made, and Brews & Stews may occupy the rest (it's a B&B of sorts! lol)      

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Take care peeps! Michelle xxxx


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    1. Fortunately, I only have 3 large projects! lol This one, Hogwarts and Greenleaf's Beacon Hill, all the rest are small to smallish! I prefer smaller ones, but I loved this trio and I have 3 shops in one! :o))

  2. looks like you're really going to be busy!

  3. Oh boy you have so many things on the go lol. It is all coming together at last though now. xxx

    1. Getting the buildings up is a good having minis etc if they have no where to go! lol The best part of 18 months I've waited to resume work on it's all systems go now. :o))) xxx