Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cabin and garden update

Just a little interim update until I do a mini blog post in a couple of days (hopefully!). We've been busy, we've had a new boiler fitted and have been working in the garden..back and front ones. We've been buying lots and lots plants (still lots more to buy) and new trees.

As you can see the cabin is finally changing colour! This is a photo taken today...horrid weather we are having! Grrrrr!   We've had to wait for better weather in which to make a start. So the barn paint has been applied (that's the paler colour around the outside of the window frame. I chose Gardenia because I wanted the Farrow & Ball top coat (cooking apple green) to cover it okay. The windows and door will be Farrow's Cream. I'm having pink window boxes...a colour called Nancy's Blushes, again by Farrow & Ball. ;o) 

 You can see all the plants awaiting to be planted...these are just a few.
Four tons of top soil sits here! Not nearly enough for what we need overall. So we will buy another three tons. The microscopic (LOL) lawn will start here...
There will be a wide flower bed to the left up by the pear tree (the one in flower). The red leafed tree (ornamental cherry) in the foreground isn't planted there, just where it's kept for now. 
 More top soil to come!
Two David Austin climbing roses, the bed has been built up so they can be planted, we need about a ton of top soil to bring the level up. There are two roses at each post ( 4 in total) of the pergola. They are Minnehaha and The Generous Gardener, the latter is a rambler and the other climbing. 
Our newest bed in one part of our front garden (it's a corner plot)...laying it out to see what and where looks best. This bed needs a top dressing too. The nasty lawn is to be skimmed off and a new one laid after the soil underneath has been aerated and improved!  
 Here it is all planted up, erm the plants etc., will spread over time! After the top dressing is applied we will add a layer of tree bark. :o)  
Our newest planted tree a eucalyptus which will be trimmed..or coppiced if it gets too ahead of itself! 
My Blue Spruce tree a variety called Oldenburg it will grow between 15 cms and 25 cms per year. I've always wanted a blue spruce tree, they can grow large (this one can grow up to 80 foot high and 16 feet wide). It's going in the front garden...see below where!

We planted this dwarf pussy willow very recently...we will move it nearer the front of the garden as it's a tiny tree and the blue spruce will  have ample space here to grow. 
My neighbour behind us has a blue spruce and here is it....  :o)
We are having 3 new conifers here...a lime green one and a couple of prostrate I think! They will be planted in the gravel.
Tulips planted outside our living room. I love pink ones! 

Mini update soon!

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx


  1. Great job! Nice garden!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Eliana! Happy Easter to you too! ;o))

  2. Michelle, it will be beautiful, although it already looks pretty nice!

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Thank you! :o) The front just needs some TLC and not so much work...thank goodness! lol The back garden though..still lots to be done..along with the house! lol

  3. It's going to look amazing by summer! What a lovely view you will have from your cabin......

    1. Awww thank you Sandra! ;o)) I think anything will look better than what we had when we first moved in! lol We will order the extra top soil tomorrow, and once that's all down and it's well and truly sunken and settled we can plant up and get the lawn laid. We've been buying loads...and it's ongoing for a while. ;o)

  4. Looks like there has been lots and lots of work going on, i love the cabin, and the garden view you will have out your window.

    1. There has been Jenn, inside the house too..and we had chaos for 2 days whilst the new boiler was fitted too. It was also because it was relocated and we had the tank in the airing cupboard and the boiler in a bedroom.

      We decided to get the garden sorted out as much as we can during the good weather...the garden will grow and transform as time goes on..but it needs for it to started on to do that. :oP

      I have a great view from the will be even better when my cottage garden beds are planted up around my cabin...they aren't done at all yet.

      More plant buying at the weekend to come! I'm so thrilled with the cabin colour...I will be over the moon once that ghastly blue masking tape comes off for good and the Georgian window bars go in! lol :o)