Monday, 26 January 2015

The Terrace of shops and Brews & Stews - Diagon Alley

We three doors...still very much WIP and the camera lies terribly with the tone of the pink, no matter what light I put it in, the camera lies! lol 

Just a little post to introduce the terrace of 3 shops plus rooms above! It has 9 rooms in total. It has three shops, the red door is for Scrivenshaft's Quill shop (a stationery shop etc), the green door is for The Magic Neep (the greengrocers, though mine will have some other grocery items too) and the pink door is for Twilfitt and Tattings shop (a clothes and uniform shop). The upstairs is Brews and Stews, a Bed and Breakfast and the room directly about the pink door is the clothes makers work room.

These photo's aren't real time photo's....just showing you how it started out....the inside and outside has been primed in proper shop bought primer, a must for MDF. :o(
Laying out the component parts for the Scrivenshaft's...all primed, but this time with a  homemade version as it's thinner.  
 Seeing how the first two shops look with some of the component pieces just balanced on! lol

Twilfit and Tattings shop with its windows altered...more on that another time! ;o)
 Scrivenshaft's with its red paint applied and some distressing....
The shops floorboards made and laid...before all the staining was applied and wax polish to age and finish it.
After a coat of wax polish. 
 The Magic Neeps's floor...I wanted the old fashioned lino look! 
 After it had been distressed and aged. 
 Laying Twilfitt and Tattings floorboards...they have a reddish colour.
All my flooring's will be removable above the ground floor, this is to get to any lights and their wires laid into the floor. I simply glue my floorboards onto the thick paper (pre stained) that I've cut to the size and shape of the room. I stopped gluing the floorboards at that point as I need to measure the fireplace so I can cut the flooring around it. 
 All my doors are primed too, it takes ages to prepare all the pieces!
 Ageing The Magic Neep's door.  
 The top floor's ceilings will have rafters....
 The rafters have been aged, distressed and stained, they just need to be waxed next to seal them. ;o)

So that's a short introduction to the terrace....more soon!

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx


  1. Love reading your posts Michelle, and your photos always show great detail and thought..look forward to reading more :)

    1. Hi Tony, so great to see you around Blogland's been a while! I do hope you are still creating your wonderful work! I hope all is well with you all. ;o)

      I'm glad you liked the photo's, as I didn't think they were so great...moreso as I uploaded more than I showed as I forgot to include them in the post! lol I will show another time instead. ;o)) I will continue with this project till the outside and inside is complete (it will take a while) and then double back and finish started projects.

    2. Thanks Michelle :) indeed it has been a while, but will be back on track soon! Look forward to your updates :)

    3. Oh that's great, I so look forward to seeing your fabulous creations again!

      I'm still beavering away in the cabin....too bad I'm so slow! lol

  2. Hi Michelle
    I so look forward to your posts, all the work you do to age the doors and buildings is amazing. You have a real talent and this is such an ambitious project, I always love to see how you're getting on :)
    All the best

    1. Hi Vivian, I'm glad you like it and thank you for your immensely kind comments. It takes quite a while to create the look and although I wish I could work faster I know I wouldn't be happy with another look. ;o)

      It's not a small kit by any means, but not my largest one,,,I guess I'm working my way upwards and outwards! lol

  3. Hello Michelle,
    It is a great structure and I look forward to seeing the shops. The doors and the floors are terrific.
    Big hug,

    1. Hello Giac,

      Great to see you! Glad you like it...the doors took an afternoon to do that last bit of ageing...I've never had to do 3 all in one go before! lol

      I'll be back with another update when I can!

      Big hugs! ;o))

  4. You have gotten so much work done, busy lady! It's looking great, I love the size of this project and all the different mixes of shops you are going to have in it.

    Mini Hugs,

    1. Hi Jenn,

      It's bigger than I and it's currently upside down whilst I work on the top floor rooms and roof. ;o))

      I thought they were a good mix, I like different shops though the shop's paint was a bit bright before I aged it! lol

      Hugs! ;o))

  5. Me encanta la estructura,los suelos quedan geniales y esas puertas son maravillosas,tanto en los colores como en el envejecido!!!

    1. It's all still very much a work in progress...even those doors and floors! ;o)) Glad you like is so far. ;o))

  6. Great post, is the primer you use is water based? I've only ever used watered down emulsion as a primer on my mdf houses.

    1. Hi Diane, the primer used on the outside is by Duluxe and it is difficult surface primer, it's about £13 a tin and it's gloopy thick! lol It's not water based if anything that's the opposite what you need to give a good seal to MDF. MDF is a very porous material so anything you apply to it, it sucks it in when you need the glue to keep your kit together! lol

      I use both plaster and clay on my kits so it's more essential to seal the wood as MDF can warp much worse than plywood etc. On the inside you can use homemade primer, but it should contain 50/50 emulsion and PVA glue, not watered down emulsion. ;o)))

  7. This is a huge project Michelle. A good idea to bring all these chops under one roof but a lot to think about as you move from one to the other!! Perfect ageing as usual.

    1. Thank you! Though a few tweaks required! ;o))

      My parents bought it for me Christmas 2011 and I couldn't make a start on it till after my house move for obvious reasons lol.So I've had a while to get used to it Janice and think of how to do it (though procrastination still sets in when I'm stuck on some of the changes I wanted to make on it)!

      I think it's very Diagon Alley...if you look, most if not all of the shops are at least 3 storey's high...though in kit form a challenge to do! ;o)