Monday, 9 February 2015

The Terrace of shops - Diagon Alley

An update on the terrace so's not quick work! lol  I currently have the kit upside (I've swivelled the photo's round the right way up) down, so this is why some items you may see on the ceiling defy gravity! lol ;oP   

Almost all the rooms are mostly wallpapered, not all and some not all the walls! This is because there is an outside wall where clay and plasterwork needs to be done and I don't want the paper ruined. The Magic Neep isn't finished with its papering either. I love the patterns, what I'm not keen on is the shine on the paper, you can't see it in real life too much, only when you point a camera at it with a flash on! The shine has its pluses and minus's....hmmm. None of the wallpapers have been aged or distressed, I'm still deciding on how much to do of that.  
The inside of two of the shop doors with their inner locks being added...and mighty fiddly they were too! None of the pieces had flat backs so I had to drill tiny holes and try and align all the lock components....a joyless task! lol   
I added interior window frames too.
The two dormer  windows with their clay bricks sculpted on. I won't paint the bricks on until I have completely put the dormers together.....I think. 
The corner shop, Twilfitt & Tattings had rather more modern windows, and I wanted them to have either Georgian or Victorian window bars added.
After a bit of fiddling around I managed to change them to how I wanted them. ;o)

The outside to two of the shops...with the bowed window bits balanced on to see how it all fits together!
I wanted to add some fancy embellishment to my grocers window, The Magic Neep, so I added some fine wood trim. 
 I also wanted to embellish the whole window, so I added some trim down the sides.
The acetate had a protective layer of plastic on both sides...some only have one. So I removed one side so I could work on the outside. I've kept the other protective side on until it's complete. 
 With the added fancy trims down the sides, I also wanted to add Georgian or Victorian window bars on this window too...
So I cut some extra wood pieces and painted them etc.
 The window look liked this on the instructions....
 Measuring up to see how big to make my window panes.
 I added an extra vertical bar....because the window panes would have been too big compared to the real window.
I experimented....and I hated this look! It was all wrong, too many panes with the wood being too wide!
This is what the window ended looking like! Please note, the super bright colours....ghastly, ghastly, ghastly!!!! lol All before ageing, so it all tones down....lots! 
 My very kind and  talented friend made me the hanging scales for the shop window. We aren't sure if these are the prototype...or whether I will will just age and distress them! 
 The terrace.....the quill shop and the Magic Neep are the only rooms with non shiny paper! lol I adore the patterns though....a small sacrifice maybe. Though once I age etc., this may all pan out okay.
The larger of the two attic bedrooms with their rafters added on the ceiling.
 The smaller attic bedroom.
 The bathroom with tiny hallway that will be concealed by a false wall and a door.... The part that is papered is the part that that will mostly be hidden from view...I just didn't want to leave it nude just incase it can be seen from the kitchen stair well below or through the bedroom door. 
With the dividing wall glued in..
I added the same lino as in The Magic Neep shop,  the false wall will go on the front of this and the door on the front of that. When you see a photo it will be clearer. :o)
The living room, a hive of activity! I purchased 3 crazy characters a few years back, they inspired me to do the B&B! The wallpaper is much darker in real life.
The dressmaker's work room. I chose a dark wallpaper because many of the items that will fill it will be bright! I'm hoping to fit a false door on the back wall, but not sure if there's room with a fireplace in situ. 
I'm currently working on the arched windows interior frames so I can attach the acetate to it.
Working on the you see the whole kit upside down! lol 

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx


  1. Hello Michelle,
    Thing are moving along. I love the wallpapers you chose and good call on the window design.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac,

      Thank you! ;o) It's moving along yes...too slow for my liking! lol

      The green window took some working out...,mainly adding the acetate and not already having a window frame to work with. I am happy with it now...will be even more so when it's all aged etc.

      Big hugs to you in Canada! :o))

  2. Gosh, you have been hard at work, im tired just looking at it all. lol Great job so far. Jenn

    1. LOL you wouldn't say that if you were there whilst I work Jenn! You'd be saying 'what have you been doing all this time'? Twiddling your thumbs and procrastinating! lol ;oP I'm glad you like it so far. :o))

  3. Michelle, maybe you could try a spray-on matte varnish to reduce the shine on the wallpaper? Although if you age it, it will probably take some of the shine off.

    1. I have some scrapes of paper that I have been experimenting on. It's so odd this isn't the only brand of wallpaper with this added 'shine'. to be honest who really wants that look?!

      I did think about varnish...I can try it. ;o)) This is a Harry Potter project and it's got to be rather more distressed! lol So I have a few ideas how to experiment with the ageing....lightly sand, trying oil based stain, tea or acyclic washes. With early experiment's a lot of the shine comes off, so if I spend more time on it I 'should' get the look I want. I would have liked some peeling paper...but I don't think I'm gonna get it with this paper!

  4. You have been really busy! Things are coming along so well. The annoying small things like the locks paid off. Watching to see the progress!

    1. Aww thank you, progress is too slow for me. ;o)

      I've been working on it over the weekend, I hope to have an update soon! ;o))

  5. Hi Michelle, you are flying at this project! I love the locks and I know how good you are at aging your buildings, so I'm really looking forward to how you do it here!
    All the best

    1. Hello Vivian,

      You always say the nicest things! ;o))) The locks are great, just horrid to fit! lol I have been distressing and ageing the wallpaper and inner doors...made a start anyhow!

      More soon and wishing you well! ;o)))