Saturday, 11 January 2014

I'm electrified and the move into the cabin has begun!!

The electrician has been...well he's still here working! All the electrics have been completed in the cabin! Yay! He will be back this week again, he had an urgent job on a pig farm and had to assist some little piggy's to keep warm, so although all my electrics are fitted I'm not yet connected to power. Soon, very soon! So in the interim I have to be inside my home by  twilight (cos I can't see! lol)....I sound like the reverse of a vampire!   lol  
I've had 2 retro outside lights fitted and also an outside plug socket, this means I won't have to find my way home in the dark and I can work outside with electric tools (and the socket comes in mighty handy for garden tools too!). :o))  

We are also having more garden work completed, as well as house stuff, so it's kinda busy! lol
The consumer box being fitted and all the sockets and lights. I have 8 double plug sockets (so 16 plug sockets in total). My spotlights are retro design too. They come fitted with halogen bulbs. but I'm having LED's  and they are daylight bright.                                       
Some of the back wall sockets. I had them set at 2 and a half feet high, enough space above my tables for easy use.
My enamelled cream and chrome lights. :o)
The consumer box all finished!
I have 2 double sockets where I will work, I am having extension leads for multi tool use (I did check for safety with the electrician and this is fine. :o)
The big move in commences on the 10th January!!!! So, here are some of my display tables with storage underneath.  I plan to have a pretty curtain to cover all the exposed table  storage.  
Slowly getting there....with cardboard on the floor to save some of the mud getting on the flooring! lol 
 Mini's and kits and projects move in!
 The other end of the cabin not fitted out....still storage to buy!
 A few more kits in, all the rest is in storage, this should be home with us this week. ;o) No damage to date, all my projects were packed liked they were for, so far so good!  
I don't yet know what projects and themes will go where...I  feel it will be the case of musical dolls houses, etc., for a while yet! lol :oP 
The rather messier corner! lol
So this was taken today. I have a lot more storage to buy.  Where that green garden chair is, will be another craft table but coming into the room more, so it creates an l-shape work area. I will have storage underneath for supplies.   I am buying another of those multi drawer units and they will sit side-by-side. Just to name a few of my storage buys and ideas.  
It will take some while to sort out and unpack! I can't unpack properly until I have bought the rest of my needs, this should be within the next few weeks. ;o)  
I hope to continue to sort tomorrow... :o) It will take ages, and then shelves to put up, my clock, pictures, curtains and blinds and little bits! ;o)
This end of the cabin is missing a lot! That table is only a make-do, it's our old kitchen table! It's too deep for my needs. I have segments of same-height tables and storage, it makes easier use of top space for projects and working for me! As with all craft rooms and areas, they are personal to each person's needs. ;o)) I have 2 dresser tops to go high up on this side of the cabin, this is for smaller art pieces (I originally had one in my previous craft room at my other house). 
Where that piece of wood is propped up against a door will be another double chest of drawers, again, coming into the cabin. I will have 15 large drawers of storage in total at this end of the cabin and smaller storage at the other end. I not only have to buy for today's storage needs, but time in the future too. ;o) 

I'm gonna be busy for a while as you can see!  ;o)

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx 


  1. Avoir une pi├Ęce comme celle ci ,rien que pour soi,
    Isabelle c'est royal et donne envie de faire encore plus de minis!!!

    1. It's been a long while to wait..and I now I can at last make a start on the sorting out.... yes, a place just for me to do lots of minis. ;o))))

  2. Wont be long now :-) Might not feel like it but you've done a load so quickly x

    1. The power is now on and connected (as you now know! lol), It will be great to have my mini space again. Tons to sort out though and it will be a slowish process. I have worked out all the main storage I need to buy and then I can really unpack! ;o)) xx