Monday, 27 January 2014

Rearranging, renewal and progress...

The rest of my collection and supplies came out of storage on Thursday, so the cabin was once again awash with mess and chaos! It's still has a long way to go before it has its final look layout wise...but at least everything is in situ and under one roof!  

My dresser tops have been dressed, my cabin isn't just a work's a display space too! ;o) 
 There's a lot on it! lol Just look past the boxes and mess! :oP
The one piece that's done!
Some of my bits that I never know what comes in handy for mini making...rubbish to most, gold and diamonds to creative mad peeps! lol
Some of my paints and finishes. They aren't staying like this as it will take me too long to sort down through the layers! lol 
Remember the reusable silica I told you about a while back? Here it is turning slowly green. It's been dried out in the oven 3 times and still doing its stuff and help keeping the cabin dry and damp free! I'm going to buy another 4 kg's.
The table is not for keeps, its replacement will be within the IKEA order. Some projects awaiting work! lol    
 Organising my shops....nothing is staying like it is...  
 Mrs Pudditfoot's Tea shop and 12 Grimmauld Place...
Borgin and Burkes....not sure I'm still going to do this Diagon Alley shop, I will see.
Slug and Jiggers made it home safely and with zero damage...what a huge relief! Before my projects were packed, I removed anything that was vulnerable...that included bow windows and door panels to name a couple of things, so that's why some look half complete! lol 

I have booked commissions for Slugs so it can be fully dressed.   I also have to fit the light downstairs in the shop, but I won't fit it till I re-dress it. Most, if not all of my shops will have hanging signs and because my shops etc., will be moved around abit, I am waiting till I fit them on, they can't be knocked off if they aren't attached! ;oP                      
This was my Hogwarts, it was always a compromise kit wise and I kinda fell out of love with it some time ago. It's over 4 feet wide so a lot of project to have if you don't like it! So, I removed all the staircases,  fireplace...anything glued in and dumped the larger half. I did however save the alleyway after a friend said it was her favourite piece, so I have that and the smaller half. ;o) It is likely I will buy another kit, but more inkeeping with my ideal for Hogwarts. 
This is the other half the old Hogwarts . It is most likely now to become the Hogs Head pub/tavern. I did buy a specially made kit for it, but this one has 3 floors and overall isn't as wide..but the rooms are large and I can do more with it...I think!   

It's a revolting pub, with dirt floors! I have laid Richard Stacey flagstones (which I've aged a lot) so  I'm halfway to dirt! 
First and foremost I removed the Ray Storey lights downstairs and the pot and pan hanger. It was going to be a kitchen, but no more. 
I need to redo the right side, this was where the fireplace was to go, so it needs work! I have an unused  staircase which came with the kit, so I will make them up rather rustically and add them to the back wall.  
The upstairs, this was going to be Griffindor's Common room, it's likely to be the living room (where the teachers have a secret meeting) for the pub...I will have to check the story/book! lol
The right side of the kitchen wall where I need to redo parts. 
 I haven't laid the floorboards yet.
The bedroom, I will decide whether I will use the original fireplace or not, If not...more re-plastering work to be completed!
The alleyway. It needs some rework too. I still have the back wall. I may or may not remove the roof part and have an open alleyway, not sure yet. 
It needs a dust too! lol 
My Witches House is going too. I'm going to sell it (not on eBay) and if I can't sell it, it's going to the nearest charity shop! It will be sold empty, it has Richard Stacey roof tiles, bricks around the windows and fibreglass brickwork it also has a metal spiral staircase. It just isn't my style anymore and I've progressed. I have another Toll House kit and other DHE kits, so will probably make a new witches hovel. :o))     
This was my first ever dolls house. My parents bought it. I did most of it, they did some. It's old and it shows.....chronically and in every single way that I wince when I see it! I was going to send it to a boot fair before I moved home...but since moving I've had other ideas for it. ;o))
The inside...ta da! Nasty huh! lol It was a Victorian shop and the kit is by Honeychurch, who sadly no longer make kits. 
It's so awful, but it will all be ripped out and re done.  
I will remove the lights, the downside is that the wiring is laid in the channelled out floor above with floorboards on top! I could cut the wires, but if I want to rewire it I will have to remove the upper flooring anyhow. I used iron on veneer, so it shouldn't be too difficult to take off. 
This was the kitchen. My Mum put those ghastly tiles on the wall. The glue for the tap has turned yellow. It didn't come with any interior doors, so I made them. If I still can't get doors to fit, I will make make bought doors smaller.   
The hall way. I hand cut all the floor tiles and laid them, and I will probably keep them, but age them. Unsure about the hideous mahogany staircase though! I could sand it and then re-stain to age it..I will see what can be done! 
The bedroom. 

It's going to become half Magical Menagerie's and half Mr Mullpepper's Apothecary (unsure about the upstairs yet). I will add a dividing wall downstairs, it will change a lot! So, it needs to be unpicked and sanded down. Most of it is messy work, so I will wait till the warmer and drier weather comes and do the messy bits outside with an electric sander! 

If the dividing wall idea doesn't work and I still want both shops, I can, as I have other kits to choose from. 
I've also resumed work on Sugar Plum's Sweet Shop. Out of all the shops I have started this still needs exterior work. So I  have been bricking! 
I have been thinking about toning it down colour wise inside..but it may just stay as I've glued the green cornicing in! Grrrr! 
One side where the bricks are sculpted on! This is the lower half of the shop.
The upper half before the bricks sculpted on.
I didn't have enough Art Mache made up, so I can't complete all 4 sides. However, I need to make my round window frame and stained glass I'm waiting for supplies as I write. ;o) 
Some of the sweet shop sweet making bits and pieces! 
I'm not going to get too involved with the actual sweet making room just yet as I want to finish and start on some of the other shops first. I do have a magnificent sweet making machine that lights up, but I've decided to have this in another project. ;o)  
  I think I'm going to remove some of the hooks, infact I may take the whole thing (chain) out altogether! 
Playing with ideas, though it's likely I will have a large something or other on a longish table.

In one of the Harry Potter films you get a fleeting scene of Harry coming through Honeydukes basement's floor, he goes through its sweet making room. I had already started making my sweet machine before I spied the scene, but if offers an insight of where I can go with this room, although mine is teeny compared to the one in the film! lol   
As I can't do much with any of the other shops just yet, I'm going to start work on Mrs Puddifoots tea shop in Diagon Alley. I have some artisan's lined up for commissions for it. I just have to decide on layout and furniture. I was going to have a flat upstairs for Mrs Puddifoot but that's too similar to Slug and Jiggers layout, so I'm opting for her kitchen where she makes and prepares all the shops goodies!    

I bought the kit made up, and some of the pieces aren't quite in the right positions. :o/ 
I did start on some of the stone work, and I knew this window detailing (the smaller side pieces) are on the wrong way, but I didn't have a heat gun then. So I'm going to take them off with a heat gun. I am also going to decide whether to remove all the wooden pieces from the front as I want to brick it all. I may be able to add the clay and sculpt the bricks, with it all still on, I will see.  The wooden detailing etc., and the actual building will be similar in colour.     
I want to remove the door panel, a nightmare to decorate otherwise! :o/  
I may be able to brick with all the wooden detailing in situ... 

Well, that's all for now!

We had some snow today (it didn't settle), but it will be back I am sure! So stay safe and warm where you are, if you're cold that is and erm snowed in! ;o)

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx 


  1. Hello Michelle,
    What a great post. First your workroom is fantastic and second I am just in love with all y67our projects. they are all so well done but so divers. Lovely!
    Big hug,

    1. I've bought the extra storage Giac so as soon as it arrives, I can get unpacking and sorting out well and truly properly! :o))

      I'm glad you like it so far. I have more projects not yet done, than done and I want to get rid of the finished ones! lol Time for a change and renewal of projects, we all move on and our ideas and methods change. ;o))

      Big hug back! ;o)

  2. Hi Michelle, I would like to buy the witch's house. Do you ship to Germany too? :O) Hugs, Lotti

    1. Hello Lotti,

      It's very heavy and big, I've replied to your FB message. Though, I think because of the weight and size it's only suited to a UK sale. :o((

      Hugs, Michelle

    2. Hi Michelle,

      what a pity. I would really like to buy this wonderful house.

      Many thanks for your answer.

      Hugs, Lotti

  3. Looking great! So many projects to finish!;)

    1. I shall overcome Ewa! lol I'll get there...! lol Hugs back! :o))

  4. I'm soooo envious of your space, treasures and skills! It all looks wonderful :)

    1. Aww thank you, and it will easily be filled! I had some supplies arrive today, so I can finish and start Sugar Plum's chimney and tiling the roof. ;o))

  5. You have quite a work space Michelle! I love the detail work of your alley way! And the work you've done on the brick wall!

    1. I love it out there Brian! :O) The alleyway needs some retouches, all the moving and banging about has done that.

      The other furniture for the cabin is coming next Friday, so I'm preparing for the big unpack and sort out!

  6. You have so many houses! I just admire accessories and miniature details... Great job! :)
    Pozdrawiam :)