Sunday, 19 January 2014

Moving into the cabin and sorting out!

The cabin lights are on and someone is home! Well since Friday I have been unpacking and sorting out...and I will be doing it for a good while yet! :oP This is how it kinda looks at the moment. Nothing on the walls yet apart from my dresser top.  

My camera battery went flat and so some of the photo's were taken on my phone (with the flash turned off) expect some photo's will have a more romanticised look about them! lol 
 The jars will be filled...lots to on those shelves yet and on the very top! 
The ghastly blue sticky pads have been removed since the photo was taken....erm, the ghastly blue masking tape has to stay a while longer! lol  
  The 3 sets of boxes I had in my Summerhouse...
Here are 2 of them under my craft table. They will need to re-sorted and tided...the other one I will empty and re-home the contents. I'm thrilled I can make great use of the space under the table..I have immediate supplies to hand. ;o)
  My white wire basket isn't sorted properly yet....all in good time!
 Lots of boxes to open.....
 They are going! 
Some of the pretty pieces for my cabin. The lanterns will go outside (I think) under the cabin's eves in the Summertime and the pretty little box units will be either hung on the walls or go on top of my dresser top shelf. Some pieces my Mum bought for me, the rest are from friends. ;o)  
 Sorting and packing up some mini's and supplies.
 A few glass bottles and jars.
Mini's made by super talented Nikki Rowe. 
Wonderfully hand decorated cutlery made by Jennifer of Windy Point Miniatures. These are for my Christmas project, I need a few more sets etc. They are extremely to scale and just exquisite, what talent and fantastic eyesight Jennifer has! :o) 
My Sid Cooke Georgian room box. It is very old and by original founders of Sid Cooke, it is entirely made of plywood even the windows...not a piece of plastic anywhere!     
My Father Christmas home...with Mrs Christmas of course! One of my families and friends favourite projects. They all want me to start on this post-haste..but I have a few to finish first!
I would prefer to have a bed in a cupboard, but  unsure if I can do that in this rather unusual shaped room! So, I have this bed just incase, it will be rubbed down and changed a tad!  
The kit looks like it's glued together, infact only a little of the lower half is, all the rest in just a dry (tight) built on delivery, so one just takes it apart to decorate! 
The cabinet is bought separately. Many of my friends think I should add more themed rooms within it. However, I have rather a lot of projects to keep me busy, so it is very likely to be used as mini storage (decorated on the outside of course!) and be put under a table and the house/project put on a white unit or table.  
With some of its wonderfully Gothic detailing, again it is all separate ready for decoration. 
Some more detailing, there is a lot of it...too much for me to hold! lol 
The Father Christmas home will be twined with the Tudor house, they will live side by side. 
It is all handmade in plywood and OOAK, all the windows are slightly bowed. It will become my Elves workshop. ;o) 
It has 3 floors, the third being a mezzanine floor (both sides of the house) and it has step ladders up to it, Also, Gothic fireplaces and a normal staircase.
I've been experimenting with my Diagon Alley layout. I haven't decided yet where in the cabin it will be, I have 4 corner shops. I may opt to have some shops side by side and back to back...I'm really not sure yet. I plan to have mini alleyways...maybe in between the shops. ;o) 

Along the back wall of the cabin will be two long shelves. We've had a measure I have at least 75 cms or 30 inches of height for the kits on the table and another 75 cms or 30 inches of height for projects on the shelf (or there about's...the ratio's may change). The brackets are super strong and will hold 200 kgs each or 31 and a half stone (I may have a batten put at the back of the shelves..not sure yet)! I don't have anywhere near that kind of weight going on the shelves, but I know whatever goes on there will be safe. I believe the shelf will be 40 cms deep.  
I like two shops side by side. Sugar Plum's Sweet Shop (the prettier one you see here on the left) will probably sit next to Mrs Puddifoot's Tea shop as that will probably be pale lemon and that's a corner shop.  I won't be having an opening shop by a plug socket though! lol I'm just trying layouts here! lol 
It's a little more sorted out...
A little something to keep you warm! :o)

More soon! 

I had real problems with Blogger tonight and it has taken me an age to do this expect typos! lol 

 I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx 


  1. I need a place like yours.
    It is lovely!
    Hugs. ;)

  2. Michelle, your cabin looks Fantastic! I LOVE your Father Christmas house! What an original and beautiful design! It must be so much fun to finally be putting things where they belong! And now for the building time!!!

    1. Thank you Betsy. ;o) I had to wait a while before I received my Father Christmas house, but it was well worth the wait! ;o) Until I have my cabin organised it's hard to decide whether I will start on it. I have a lot to do before that! lol :o))

  3. There is still a lot of work with all the houses for you Michelle! Can't wait to see more of your cabin and all the projects!

    1. There's an awful lot to be finished and started Ewa! Can you believe that I started packing my mini's up in late September 2012 and didn't move till a year later....I have a lot of catching up to do, good job I only work 3 days per week now! lol

      Hugs, Michelle :o))

  4. Hi Michelle!

    I like your cabin very much.
    If you are interested you can see mine, we built from scratch this summer

    And you can follow it from start if you scroll down and clic on older posts.
    Big hugs from Britt

    1. Thank you Britt! I had a look at one of your cabin posts, I need to go back and have another look yet though and find more. ;o)

      You're in Sweden which is a lot colder than the UK during Winter, I hope your cabin is snuggly warm! :o))

      Hugs back!
      Michelle ;o))

  5. Not at all ;-) I enjoyed following along with the build and decoration of your studio. Have fun discovering what is inside all of those drawers, I bet you'll find thing you didn't know you had!
    You've got a lot of miniature projects to look forward to!

    1. I'm glad you've enjoyed the journey Josje, it's been a long one! lol

      I'm having fun once again! I have the rest of my mini's and houses/shops coming out of storage on Thursday. So a really busy time ahead. I will be ordering the rest of my storage and tables within the next couple of weeks. Then I can start again on my beloved hobby! ;o))))

  6. Getting closer to being done all the time. LOVE the idea of alleyways between the could dress them as well :-)

    1. I am Jayne! I've been spending every afternoon out there since Friday, so I'm winning! lol

      I kinda makes sense to have alleyways because my tables are so wide, so I will have to decorate the sides of each shop/shouse. As for dressing the alleyways, well of course, minis scenes etc...lots of street lights! ;o) xx

  7. I've missed a few of your posts so I'm catching up here. What a fab workspace. You are going to have sooooooo much fun sorting it all out and getting is just the way you want it.

    1. I've been away from Blogland for the best part of a year,so I myself have heaps to catch up on!

      It's been great fun seeing it all built, but so much more fun now I'm able to go in there and have my space back! So, I hope to be back on track with my projects and blogland once again! ;o)))

  8. LOVED having a look around - *sigh* - wish I had one, it is fabulous!!

    1. Awww Nicola, glad you enjoyed it! ;o)) I had a craft room and summerhouse before and I loved that, the downside was that if I forgot something when I was in either one of them, I'd have to go back for it, but not's all under one roof! :o)))

  9. So pleased that you are finally in the Cabin and sorting out your Houses and Miniatures. A word of warning, once your in there creating, you won't want to come out...xxxx

    1. It's been soooooo wonderful being in there Debbie! I have my mini white kettle ready to go, so I can have tea in there! lol I'm already planning having my lunches in I will be in there a lot! lol ;oP I have a mini oven but that is for clay!

      We've been measuring out the space for the extra storage and tables to today, we marked the cardboard on the floor, so I have some idea of layout. So far so good, so once the new tables and storage arrives, I can sort out and pack properly. xxxx

  10. I love your space, I can see you spending many happy hours there :)


    1. Aww thank you Marisa! Oh I know I will...lots and lots of time. Come Summertime it will be wonderful to be out there with the doors open and working! :o)) Hugs, Michelle :o)

  11. A wonderful workspace Michelle I can see you having lots of fun out there. The unpacking will even be enjoyable as you start finding all your wonderful pieces. I am so looking forward to seeing it all unpacked and organised.

    1. I've had one weekend up there so far and it's been great. Just a case of just going in and starting! After delivery of my stuff today, I know I will have plenty of storage for supplies and minis, though projects will have to juggled and juggled! lol

      I now have to play snap and find all the component pieces to all the unfinished kits, it won't be easy even though all the packages and boxes were labelled! lol

  12. Hi Michelle, you have a wonderful collection of projects! I love your Tudor house a lot. Congratulations on a new workshop place. Definitely it will help working on completing the houses. Mini hugs, Natalia

    1. Thank you Natalia! I had the rest of my collection come out of storage today, so I have a lot of sorting to do. I can't wait to resume work on my projects! Hugs! Michelle

  13. Phew! will you have time to go to work again ....ever! LOL. So pleased you're getting settled.
    BTW your 1st DH looks like the Rover's Return.
    hugs & enjoy K

  14. OK trying again ...hope you don't see this 2x.....
    Phew will you ever have time to go to work ever again? How lovely that you're finally in & getting sorted.
    BTW your 1st dh looks like the Rover's Return....
    hugs & enjoy, K

    1. LOL Karin I published both comments! I rarely do if someone duplicates them! From your FB comment I think you meant to comment on the post above...just not a good day for you huh! lol :o))

      Oh yes, I will work, I have to, to pay the bills and for my hobby! lol

      Hmmm do you mean Mrs Puddifoot's Tea Shop? I think it might, although I don't watch Coronation Street!

      I'm getting sorted, but until my new furniture arrives etc I can't straight away. Hugs! Michelle