Friday 6 November 2009


Before I am accused of being tardy and remiss, a big welcome to all my new followers! Great to have you here! I won't mention you all by name, just in case I miss one of you off and I don't want to upset you! ;o)

I've been taking some photo's of some new little people for Hogwarts, or at least trying to! Most days are just grey and hopeless for pic taking, I know anyone would think that I live in a house fit for a vampire because of the poor light I seem to encounter! lol :o) However, I did manage to take some and I will update them onhere tomorrow or the day after!

Bestest wishes!
Michelle ;o)

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Hi to all my new followers!

I'm so new to 'blogosphere' and still very much getting used to blog etiquette! So a big welcome to Katie and The Lone Dollier my newest followers! :o)

I'm still trying to take some decent photo's of the Witches House, the weather has been dull and grey, so my little house has been moved all round my home looking and chasing good light! lol Even the first pics show it in the living room where the light is normally good for pic taking. No doubt I will get the hang of it!

Michelle :o)

Saturday 24 October 2009

Hello and welcome!!!

Well, Julia of said that she's following my blog! Actually it was her idea that I have one, so here I am! lol I honestly don't know how often I will post items on my blog as I do work full time, but I will endeavour to do so! At the moment I am off work with a serious knee injury which may need (no pun intended!!) an operation to put right, eeek! So I have more time on my hands than normal.
Recently I was in a dolls house shop in Winchester and a fellow shopper said that dolls house making and collecting was like having a disease! Hmm... I hastened to add a 'likeable and friendly one'! I have been making mini's for a few year's on and off and now have 6 dolls houses, and if I had my way I would keep buying them, as I'd love a couple more themed ones! They are all in various stages of completion..... My first house was a Victorian shop (called Erica's Emporium) and sells a variety of things (hence the name) and I do change the stock as it makes it more interesting. I want to revamp it, mainly the kitchen!
My favourite house to date is my witches house (made from the Dolls House Emporium's Toll House), my Mum bought it last October as a little pressie. It's mostly complete, but it does need some serious tweaks and more work to be done. I've added a garden and a potting shed and a metal spiral staircase that I made from a kit..I am very happy with the final result, even though the men in white coats nearly carted me off as it nearly drove me mad to make, it was a nightmare! lol I recently sent my witches dressing table (that I stained and aged) to the US to a well known and very talented artisan to dress it, as I was so stuck for ideas (I'm normally not like this! lol).
I also have a Sid Cooke house (my most refined house). One of my favourites is my Nanny McPhee cottage, it's made from a kit from Corona Concepts - The Orchid Dollshouse, it's tiny, but I love it! It will have a mixture of bright colours (like Nanny McPhee) and pastel's, in a shabby chic sort of style. I will be adding a back to the house (and make it front opening), as like most American dolls houses they don't have backs and I think you lose a lot of space. It will also have a large tea pot collection that will be on a large shelf in the kitchen (I have bought many to date).
I have a 1/16th scale Honeydukes, actually it's more of a large room box, so I'd love a proper sized shop in 1/12th scale! Just don't tell the family! lol ;o)
My latest addition is Hogwarts, I couldn't see a decent castle kit and I'm not that great with wood to create my own houses (I wish I could!), so instead I'm going to transform a large Tudor Coach Inn kit, it will probably end up looking like in belongs in Diagon Alley as I want to have the house in Rik Pierce's style (old cracking render and bricks showing). It has a large forecourt and I plan to add Sid Cooke's Orangery and a small walled garden. It's the largest of all my dolls houses and I have the design and plan's already in my head!
I'd love to do a Ron Weasley's home, and I have seen the perfect kit for it! Hmmm....not sure I could convince anyone I would like another house! lol
I will be adding some photo's of my houses on here, but I am the world's worse for taking photo's of anything or anyone, and I really take so few when I make anything (my family and friends are always telling me off for not doing so!! lol). I plan to take some as I complete work on my houses from now on, though when they get uploaded on my blog is anyone's guess! lol :o))
Michelle :o)