Wednesday 29 July 2015

Sugar Plum's Sweet Shop and an update!

 I've been quite but busy! Busy with real life, work and mini's! You may have noticed some rather radical changes to my blog too!

I have been working on Mrs Puddifoot's Tea Shop and Sugar Plum's sweet Shop simultaneously. The latter was started way back in 2011 and I was going to sell it at one point! The reason I chose such a tiny kit is because I really dislike filling larger shops, but the upstairs posed limitations as to what I wanted to do. So, a lot of the ideas for that will now go into another shop/factory. This awakened the idea of a radical rethink of what projects I wanted to do, but most importantly one's that were really physically too much for me. I am awaiting my new electric wheelchair that will allow me to reach my higher and larger projects, however, it's still very physically draining for me to work on big projects. I found it so much easier working on both the tea shop and sweet shop because of their tiny size. The onset of Meniere's Disease (and its progressive damage) has greatly reduced my physical capacity in more ways than I care to mention and although not a killer disease it is truly life changing nonetheless. My hobby is much more than a hobby for me, it serves as a great therapy for my Meniere's and really does help me relax so I don't have to pop so many pills and/or lie down for days/weeks at a time.  I rarely leave the house and now work from home for which I am extremely grateful for. However, if any or part of my hobby becomes a source of stress it is extremely counter-productive and unhealthy.

So over the last few months it's been a gradual and slow realisation that I just have too many projects and kits, a stress inducer which I don't need! I have sold a few larger kits over the last few months, but after having to move some of my bedroom stuff into my cabin whilst its gutted and redecorated has bought home to me that it's now time to radically reduce my collection. The larger built but not decorated houses and shops will hopefully be sold locally, infact as many as I can as it saves the effort of packing them for posting, kits are far easier to post! ;o) I'm selling new and vintage shops and houses, built ones and kits....any I no longer want and quite a few have already been earmarked to go! ;o) Selling these on will allow and afford me space for smaller projects and more random themes, I also won't have the feeling of forever plugging away and feeling like I'm not getting very far. Once I have my new chair I can work on my Victorian Gothic house, it doesn't require masses of work but once that's all done I can get dressing it. 

So, I'm going to be quiet for a while longer yet...I need to re-plan my work space in my cabin, none of this will happen overnight.

Anyhow, on a lighter note, here is long overdue work I've recently completed on Sugar Plum's Sweet Shop, an unseen shop in Harry Potter. I've only ever seen a sketch of it, so it's all rather whimsical. I'm not sure I would have chosen this rather pretty kit now, if I had, I would have sawn off the fancy part on the front fascia, instead I chose to make a feature of it.'s a love hate project and will go next to Mrs Puddifoot's Tea Shop!

Please excuse the photo's quality, they were all taken on my phone and in rotten weather (low light!).
The inside of the roof was so boring, I'm added rafters and wooden battens (very similar look to my witch's house).  
 It took me ages to age the wood! lol I have tried to match the interior repairs to the roof the outside of the roof damage. ;o)
I've added lead to my chimney stack.
I've been working on the shop unit's, I've embellished and added trims and still painting! Still very much WIP!!!! lol :o)

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx