Saturday 26 June 2010

Update on my mini summer house.

Late edit...night time view with the lights on.

As a few of you asked about the progress of my mini summer house I thought I’d show you some photo’s of it so far. ;o)

I’ve taken these photo’s today. The inside is almost complete, it’s still a bit of a builders yard as I am having some extra plug points fitted, but the main middle ceiling light has now been fitted and is working! I have opted for 3 spot lights as this will enable to me have a light on me whether I am working and also lights on my dollshouses that will be out there.
Too bad my neighbours garage roof spoils the view! lol
As you can see I need some proper flooring! No, that leg isn't staying there either, it's only there as a temporary thing! lol
A view from the summer houses' doorway in Summer. :o)
Somewhere to sit to have a bit of sun and a drink! lol
Arh, a bit of a builders yard still! lol I plan to keep some smaller projects on the high shelving and also it's a good place to leave things till they dry off.
A few of my mini's and also DIY items for mini building, etc.
I'm having some the extra plug points fitted hence all the tools out and about! lol
I've got some PVC type cloth to cover the top of the shelves, this will make it easier to wipe away dirt and mess, although I will eventually get some glass sheets (with bevelled edges of course! lol) to work on. I have seen a mini oven in Argos to bake my polymer clay in, so that's next on my list of needs. I also have a mini fridge (thanks Kate for reminding me what a good idea one would be and I had one in the garage!), so that will be going up there too...I need something to keep me cool too! lolI have yet to buy the flooring, it will be something that can be easily swept and washed! I am also going to buy some nice storage boxes rather than have odds and sods for storage containers! I will move in before I have the blinds as at the moment I need the light to work. I am going to get a proper daylight lamp with a magnifier attached, there are 2 that I like, but I can’t decide which one I prefer and as they are £100.00 I want to make the right choice. :o))

Miss Sally World sent a link to her Mum's blog Susan Trodden. Her Mum has the most amazing projects not to mention her truly fantastic garden, allotment and conservatory, please take a look yourself! I gave the link to Jayne of Tallulah Belle and she loves it too! :o))

More posts soon on a swap, some new mini's and an update on Hogwarts.

Michelle xxxx