Wednesday 11 April 2012

Slug and Jiggers get's its heart and soul.

Well, I have been away from Blogland for a little while, but I have been busy!! I'll save the update on Flourish and Blotts for another post!

For now, my long awaited and much wanted commissioned piece for Slug and Jiggers!  It arrived yesterday from Canada. I was going to do a blog post last night, but I sadly ran out of time! 

This truly work of art and magnificent piece was made by Jenn Hatt. I was stunned when I saw the previews of it, but I was speechless when it was home with me!  I don't think it's sunk in yet that it's with me and I own it! lol  If you think of all the positive adjectives that exist..well, that's how much I love it! ;o)))) 

Jenn has added posters on each end...and the spaces and gaps that you are see are on purpose, these are to be filled with bunches of herbs, other potions, old bones etc.
In situ (and it's a perfect fit too!) and with Jenn's other pieces. Jenn will now make the counter and the loose bits for around the shop, etc.   
 I've chosen to keep the door panel not glued in. It will always enable to me get in, redress and fiddle!
I can now fit the ceiling light and the plate rack. I plan on having it on the opening panel and maybe a shelf above the bowed window.  
 Jenn's table that I bought last year.
The window has not been finished. It needs to be aged and dressed. I don't plan on gluing in the actual window frame, I like the idea of being able to look in!
There a couple of pieces that I need to reset on the unit. The pile of packages are leaning too far over from when Jenn set them and a bottle etc., worked loose too. All easily remedied. ;o)
 The outside light wire will be hidden behind the skirting board. I also need to plaster the window frame in and age it etc. 
 Looking through the window...again! lol

There is still lots of little jobs to be done, mainly downstairs...but there are a number of small things to be done upstairs too!
 I will probably have a couple of things on the window sill.
I plan on adding a plate rack and fill it more shop supplies.  I will hang bunches of herbs from this shelf too. I may also hang some bones too. I need to have some barrels too, full of some odd and nasty things!    
The wonderful unicorn's head for Slughorn's office. It will be placed on the unit behind his desk. It's made by the very talented Nicky Cooper. :o))) Just perfect and just what I wanted (for some time). :o))
Mr Jiggers (the shop keeper I made up)  will be on his way at the end of the month. Now you wouldn't want to meet him on a dark corner at any time!! lol

By the weekend I will have a new shop kit (one that is revealed) and a new character...for a project I haven't revealed to you all yet. You will have to wait though. :o))

I will probably tweak and add to the narrative tomorrow..when I am less tired. :o)

Until then, a big warm welcome to my new followers….I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx