Witches House - my first project

My first solo project bought for me by my Mum in October 2008 and before I was blogging. This is one project that changed a lot to originally how I wanted it. This was because I didn't know all about Paperclay and the like then and I hadn't had a chance to experiment with different methods etc. I would therefore would have done it a lot differently and even more so 3 years on. We all have to start somewhere though, don't we? ;o)   

I have subtly re dressed and worked on this over the years and the photo's will reflect the changes. It still needs work done on the sink (it's not finished) and the shed to name only 2 things!

This is one of my first dressings of the house... 
The space underneath the mirror is where my dressing table was to go, it was in the USA when the photo was taken, being dressed by Ericka VanHorn for my first ever commissioned piece!   
The downstairs...again an early dressing of the house.
It was still in my craft room, it has since been moved to my Summer House.
I no longer have the chair in here, it didn't go and I have since made it darker.
The first dressing of the potting shed, this till this day needs to be finished. The jars etc are mostly empty and need to be filled! 
Persephone, my first witch from Jain Squires, here she is holding a book on poisons by Ericka VanHorn, it even has text and drawings in it! 
My Sorting Hat by super talented Debie Lyons, he will eventually live at Hogwarts (of course!), he lives here for now, he likes to look out of the window! lol
A later dressing. The owl is made by Miss Sally World, the wilting flower (Elvie) by my extremely talented friend Jayne and the books, broom and dressing table (plus lots more) are by Ericka VanHorn.
Another redressing. Mini's here made by super talented Nikki Rowe, Ericka VanHorn, Lori, Glenda Howell and  mini bear (Martha Makes? I will have to recheck!!!!). I love my false teeth on the bedside table! lol 

The flower is made by Vicky Guille (I love it!!!) and the wand box by Lorraine and wand by Ericka VanHorn and the hat holder by Nikki Rowe. :o)

The front has been dressed, I will try and paint over the hinges, I really hate them showing, a real pet hate of mine!!!!! 
Another redressing downstairs too. The toe collectors table has been made by the super duper talented Debie Lyons, I just love it to bits!

Up on the roof with the crows! All made by Lorraine. :o)

My flying witch with here ruby slippers! lol
The shed...not redressed at this stage...
The dressing table with its final dressing.
Still not worked on!
Showing signs of some ageing added and some new mini's!
Still lots of filling of bottles to do!
I have recently shortened the front, but I have since repaired the damage showing in this photo. I was never happy with the garden, I was sent the wrong coloured grass, so I had to tone it all down. I don't think it quite works overall. So one day I will redo bits and try and improve on it.

As I write (18th March 2014), I am still debating and deciding on whether to sell this house! I would make another for me, I  have moved on in terms of style and tis why I am deciding on whether to sell it. If I sell it, it will be privately via FB and I will be advertise within various miniaturists groups.  I will also state on my blog when it goes up for sale. It will be for personal collection only because of the size and weight. For the time being it remains as part of my collection.  
Michelle xxx


  1. My goodness thats really great I love it when one puts lots of items in the rooms, this house I could look all day and not see everything love it love it!!!

    1. I always think wizards and witches live in a very cluttered world...so lots of contents here and it took a while to collect all the pieces ;o) Glad you love it. :o)

      It was my first witchy project and seems ago I did it. I will probably sell it Deni, but of course keep the contents.

  2. I was just browsing on Pinterest, saw a house that looked fab, looked closer and it was this one and linked to this blog post.

    Nice trip down memory lane :-) xxx

    1. Aww Jayne, it's such an oldie! lol I haven't re-dressed it since I've moved, so undecided about it. I have such a lot of stuff for it though. :o) xxxx

  3. It´s soooo loveley, wunderful and great :-)

  4. Do you happen to remember which company your mother bought this dollhouse kit from?

    1. I do indeed! It's made by DHE (Doll's House Emporium). Sadly, they stopped making the kit some years ago, not too long after my Mum bought me mine. In the UK at least, they do come up for sale on EBay now and then. ;o)