Monday 13 February 2012

The new Craft Room starts to take shape and even a tiny amount of mini work gets done!

The room is almost done…but I’m not going to show it all just yet…..a few more things to arrive. It’s been hard work, lots of sorting out which has been both physically hard and mentally hard! The only thing I have left is more labelling! I will do this bit by bit.  :o))

Firstly a change in the line-up already! Sugar Plum's roof overhangs a bit too much, so much so that it pushes the tea shop too far over the edge. I did think about shortening the roof, but this will make it difficult to fit the roof. So I will making a shop to go here instead. It was already a planned shop and I will be using the Sid Cooke windows that I bought a while back (not direct from Sid Cooke because they do not sell them as separates).   
Today I’ve been playing the dollshouse(s) shuffle! They moved up and down these chests like goodness knows what! I have a number of other kits to think about and where I want them. Not all will fit onhere, but I have a home for them.

For Christmas I was brought 3 shop kits, one is a corner shop. In total they are just under 3 and half feet wide by just under 18 inches deep and they all have 3 floors. Borgin and Burkes kit won't be here....this is simply showing where the 3 shops will start and will have to be pulled out to due to their depth (I have plugs on the back wall too).  Directly in front of Sugar Plum's will be a square, I could have a street vendor or two here or a few wizards and wizards standing around chatting! lol
The first row of grey card is where the last shop will be, it's a corner shop. The grey card represents an alleyway to.... 
 A shop here, which I will be making myself. I have a few ideas what it could be. ;o)
 It will be a creepy alleyway! Not sure I'd want to go down it! 
I’ve also glued in place Slug and Jiggers sign…at last, I’ve only had for goodness knows how long! This has been aged and distressed and I’m very happy with it. :o)) I have put Jain's witch on the roof...she's about to take off! Wheeeeee!

Late edit! 
Slug and Jiggers is going to have to be moved and swap places with the teashop! It has to be turned so that I can open it and that would mean the bowed window would be facing the wall and I'd need a gap. The teashop has a window on that side too, however it is a flat window and does not stick out so it will be moved to where Slug and Jiggers is now. 

Also, Sugar Plum's front ledge needs to be cut a bit (under the window), because the front needs space to open. You can't butt these shops up close because of that extra piece at the front of this kit. Janice, you will have the same problem with your line up if you haven't spotted it already. ;o)  
I’ve moved the smaller half of Hogwarts onto my table as well as my mystery project. I have space for both and plan to work on them simultaneously (to the best of my ability!). lol Today the wallpaper arrived for it and I have aged some on a practise piece. I prefer it aged. :o)
I haven't worked on this part of Hogwarts today, I did this a while back...before the Craft Room was redone.
 The new look Craft Room as you look in the doorway. It's not quite there yet... 

 My new chair.
This cushion is only as a make do for now, it will have a proper seat cushion, courtesy of my Mum who will make it for me.  
The high up shelf unit is in situ and now dressed…this will change over time no doubt. I need to get a feel for my new table and what kind of table top storage I want…probably only a little seeing I have quite a lot!
I mentioned to my Mum that I wanted my name, ( I have a wooden set at work on my desk, only it's mirrored - red colour!) and I was going to buy the wooden letters myself and decorate them. She told my Sister and between them they battled it out who was going to make them for me! My Mum won, my Sister sent over the letter's from Luxembourg. My Mum then stole my stash of trim and recycled scrap-booking bits (some new bits were used too). These were completely created from items I already had. I cut and painted the wooden base they are on
 I love them to bits! She will make me another set for when I have the brighter d├ęcor out.

 My Mum's works fast, but these took her nearly 2 days to make. ;o) Even the backs of the letters are tidy and just as neat as the fronts!

The other shelving unit. This will eventually have kits on them too. In time, the telly can go and I can have a project on a moveable plinth (like Highgate or Centenary House (which I have) my Edwardian house).   

More soon!

Michelle xxxx

Monday 6 February 2012

The Craft Room and Summer House reorganisation goes on..and some new Bistro Table's etc

Well I‘ve not been idle, but still no mini work though! 

I have added a number of pages to my blog (the the right of this post), these will be updated as and when I get time and when I have something new to add. There will be more pages, again, as and when I start on those projects. I also have approx. 4 or 5 kits that are currently themeless because I haven't decided what to do them as ! I have seen one more kit that I'd's out of stock at the moment so I have to wait. Again, it will be a Harry Potter project (let's hope they restock it!). :o)

Anyhow, the space is clear on top of the chests of everything other than projects! YAY! The throw will be removed once my kits have their sticky foam pads on their bases (to protect my chests from scratches).  

I have been sorting out and repacking on a grand scale. This weekend I sorted out my Summerhouse and took up there the majority of my supplies. I still need to go through some of the drawers in my craft room and check there‘s nothing lurking in there that I want up there now. It’s not easy when you have a fair bit of stuff…one's mind can get a bit overwhelmed! 
 It's getting there....
The unit with the ceramic and chrome handles will go under my new craft table when it arrives.

I have ordered the remaining pieces of furniture and it should have been delivered on Friday, IKEA rang last Tuesday to say it would be delivered this Wednesday instead. I have bought the largest white table in the design I wanted, the double shelf unit and a chair. Hopefully these will be in situ by next weekend. :o)   

The delay has given us time to paint the wood and more time to keep tidying up! I have one more box to pack away…this can’t be done until I go through the drawers in the tall units. 
As I was sorting out the built-in book case I had an idea. ;o) This was to take off the door and use this cupboard instead. I originally wanted a two foot wide unit but I couldn’t see one so I opted for two, one foot units instead.  Using the bookcase meant I could now add smaller projects on the shelves. I’ve had the top shelf removed and I now plan to have a kit on new top shelf and a room box or small kits on the two other shelves. Books or DVD’s will stay on the very bottom shelf. For now I have other items on it…again it will be re sorted once the room is more done. The cupboard has been tidied up and redecorated. 
 Here is it revamped and ready for kits as and when they are completed. 
The new high up shelf will hold lighter and smaller kits that I have...maybe one or two.
The plastic chests that were in my craft room are now in two's under the worktop. They were made in two sections already, so no sawing was required. :o) I have them all in there and this type of storage is far superior than numerous stacked boxes  on top of each other! I will label the drawers for more obscure things that I have. It stays mainly damp free, and my mini’s are fine. I did spot that some of the paint pots were wet with condensation, so I’ve added some silica bags in the drawers to keep things dry. I will get some more in different sizes and I will add the smaller one’s inside my witches house (hidden from view) just to be on the safe side.  
 It will make my life so much easier and it shouldn't take me so long to get to some of my more obscure supplies!
Pull out drawers at my disposal! 
New mini's! I haven’t shown everything I have received recently as I have no where to photograph them. :o((

I have some new mini's for Mrs Puddifoot's Teashop and these photo's, well they do zero justice to Jason and Jacqueline Getzan's outstanding craftmanship! I love them to bits! They are quirky and wacky! They wouldn't be to everyone's taste because of this, but they are perfect for a project such as this. :o)))

I bought this table in November/December 2011 and Jason and Jacqueline so graciously put the other two aside for when I was ready to purchase. :o))) Rather than choose all the same type table's (which I couldn't as I bought the last cherry cupcake table), I chose to have 3 different ones.
The Blueberry cupcake Bistro Table did not come with any chairs, I was given the option of design and type of chairs I wanted...I chose all matching chairs, so I had to wait for them to be made, and these two tables etc arrived today. ;o))  
I have been looking at wallpaper's for shop and I think I have seen the perfect one for downstairs at least. :o)
 They popped this current magazine article of their work in and it mention's my Bistro Tables etc. :o)) 

Hopefully by my next post I will have my craft room set up. I still have the smaller storage items to buy (the type to go on my craft table etc), but I will be able to resume my mini work though when the new table is in situ!

A big warm welcome to my new followers….I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx