Thursday 20 May 2010

An update on my mini Summer House

Whilst my Meniere’s gives me some peace (it’s only a fleeting moment) I’m here with an update on my mini Summer House at the bottom of our garden. The outside has been painted and we are in the process of cleaning the inside and preparing to widen one of the longer bits of staging to give it more depth for my dolls houses. It will also have new tops put on as at the moment the staging is all slated wood. I have pondered on what to paint the inside colour (the inside roof is white to reflect the light down), I’ve thought about a buttermilk cream, the same colour as the outside and pashmina pink! What do you think? The outside wooden boxes (they have a name!) will remain natural.
The door furnishing have been removed for now as they are being repainted (I can't think what the process is really has a proper name?!) lol
A view from the mini Summer House.
Er...and another one! lol

There is a little utility area (the slated gate and fence, where we have our compost heap etc) and the building in the background is our garage. I love this time of year, Spring it’s my favourite season where everything is fresh and new.
When I asked my Sister what colour the mini house should be painted (before any work was started on the outside), she suggested in Nanny MccPhee house colours! lol Hmm….I can imagine how many different pots of paint we’d need, I’d also be made instantly homeless for even suggesting such an outlandish idea! lol :o)

I can’t wait to move in and get to work on mini making! :o))

****Update on the interior colour lol In that particular paint type (outdoors paint) they only do a warm cream (not white), so now it's been suggested that it could be mixed with a little of the green for a paler shade! So now it's a choice of warm cream or pale green! ;o) *****

I will reply to all the comments in the last posts, when I am well enough. ;o)

A big warm welcome to my new followers! I do hope you like it here you don’t mind my ramblings and whatnot! :o)

Michelle xxxx

Wednesday 12 May 2010

My mini Summer House...for mini making.

As some of you may know I am having my octagonal greenhouse converted into a small summer house. I thought I’d show you a little preview of the progress so far! It will be where I will doing most of my mini’s and dolls house projects. We’ve just had the glass taken out of the roof, so that it could be felted and tiled. The finials on the top have already been painted the new ‘willow’ colour, it’s a grey/green.
We had to take out the shelves etc so that the men could get in to do the roof etc so I will also be able to have small dolls houses and room boxes on these shelves.. It’s not huge by any means, about 8.8 feet by 6.6 feet, but it‘s big enough for me and my needs. It already has electricity with a hot and cool fan. I will have a main light fitted so I can see better in poor light and I am having some more plug sockets fitted too, for a lamp, lights for my dolls houses and power tools! It will have cream roller blinds to help keep the strong sunlight out and the heat down etc., although it should be cooler now the roof is no longer glass.

It’s not that old, and it wasn’t that hideous colour on the outside either when we first bought it! It was a lovely warm natural wood colour (like it still is on the inside), I came home from work one day and erm it had been re-stained to this truly awful poo/mud colour! I was very angry and not in the least bit impressed and was told at the time it would fade, has it heck!l lol ! Thank goodness THAT will be going and I will have the colour I like! :o))

It now needs a really good clean on the outside and inside, the staging re done, they will be made a bit deeper and will be solid wood (not slates). I am having the interior painted the same willow colour. I am having pink and white flowers in the hanging baskets that hang on the end of the summer house outside and two little wooden boxes full of pink flowering plants with some green foliage plants too! lol

Once the above is done, I will move my Witch’s House out there and my Gingerbread Cottage kit and start to prepare it. I’m also going to move a lot of my craft materials and tools out there and a lot of my mini’s too. Hogwarts will stay in the spare room, but I will do some of the work for it in the mini summer house. :o)

As I have company tomorrow night I have been busy preparing for Kensington a bit earlier! I have my shopping bag all ready, my money, the camera, food and snacks including my Soya milk (I have one very sick tummy so I can’t eat much that you buy off the shelf sadly!) my KDF floor plans and one or two lists. I was going to take my little note book, but I couldn’t be arsed to flip between the pages, just too much hassle! lol ;o)

Will give you an update on KDF when I get back, as will all the other bloggers who are going too! :o)

Michelle xxx