Sunday 2 September 2012

Flourish and Blotts…but somewhat belated update!

This is how Flourish's looks at the moment...not finished! lol
This isn‘t real time work, I last worked on ole Flourish‘s in June! I’m currently awaiting the bookcases and shop counter to be completed as part of a commission, all work has had to stop till they are all in situ.  :o)

Flourish’s outside is almost finished. I need to do the sign and then add the fascia etc. All  my shops will have a hanging sign and the bay and bowed windows will  have a lead roof (none of mine have had that added yet, although I do have the lead for Flourish’s!).

I’ve moved Slug and Jiggers to face the other way (how I had to start with), I had issues with opening Flourish’s front. So, it means I have make the back of Slugs and Jiggers and Flourish’s more presentable. However, I am going to wait till I have my complete line up in place before I do that…I just might move it all back to how it was just because of the extra work I now have to do! Lol :o)
There is some cosmetic work to be done on the side of Slug and Jiggers where bits of plaster have chipped off and of course the can see the bare wood back!   
The back of Flourish's is slightly exposed too, and this needs attention. However I want a trompe l'oeil behind the back doors, so I will have to somehow obscure the lower view of the gap.

 How it was and how I prefer the layout....hmmm Apologies for the grainy photo's but the light in this area of the room is appalling no matter what time of day and one taken with a flash is even dire. 
 It's looks much better in good light! lol
 No, that's not the ghastly sign I will be having! lol It's just a prototype I used just to see how the font would look etc. I printed it off when my printer was out of red and blue ink! 
  Trying the door lintel in place. I can't glue it on until the sign etc is in place. 
The floorboards have been aged and waxed. As you can see I added another bit! To be honest I have no idea why it was cut away in the first place!! lol It maybe because the shop was going to be another shop in the beginning. :o) Anyhow, I'm sure I can use some kind of story as to why it's like it.....maybe a couple of house Elves did it one night! :o) lol
The horrid doglegged staircase, but this is how they will look (layout wise) once in. They will be painted black but with the top of the hand rail will be stained.
With the back doors in. I adapted the hanging light after a kind soul telling me how easy it was to do! Thank you wasn't so bad. :o)
 With all the door and window furnishings added.

I’ve used all hand made brass door furnishings, and have added an oval knob for the main door like the real one. Fitting the key hole for the back door was mighty fiddly!
 With the stairs this time....

Close-ups of Flourish’s wallpaper aren’t kind. I love the pattern, only it stretched as it was being glued on, so I have areas where it is paler than others. Seeing that my shops are aged and rather dirty this is not a bad thing, but not good if you want a pristine look! I know much is dependant on the paper, but sometimes it’s also to do with glue and method used. I used slightly watered down PVA to glue it on, but some kind and talented individual suggested a combination of Pritt Stick and PVA, or just Pritt Stick. I think it’s down to method too. The faults don’t stop there unfortunately and I would redo it because I hate it so much,  but the paper was not cheap and as I’m having floor to ceiling bookcases, shelves and skirting board still to be added, the worse areas will be covered….what a relief for small mercies! :o)
I've not attached the window sills that I made yet, as I may need to shorten them when the bookcases are in situ. 
 The black trim will be added above the window and not over the doors architrave! It will have words in gold on it pertinent to the shop. :o)
One of the blinds that my Mum made. I have yet to add the finials to the ends, these have been stained and will be waxed. I will have a tiny pull cord etc in the middle of the blind. 
The back doors in the shop which in real life leads to a tiny room with lots of books and a desk etc. I made the stairs from scratch and of course aged and distressed the lot!

I still plan on having a trompe O'leil, but it’s vital I get the perspective correct. Take a look at this blog link and you will see a spectacular trompe O’leil where an image of an open door leads into a garden. No, I don’t’ want a garden scene…but just a certain scene behind my own real opening doors. I have the image, it’s just a case of working with it to get it right. :o))
The chimney stack that I made and wooden chimney pot that I made look and feel like terracotta.  
 I've added the mortar to set the chimney pot. ;o) It was still drying when I took the photo.

I wanted another lead roof, I’m much happier with Flourish’s roof compared to Slug and Jiggers. The lead is a lot neater and I’m far happier with the ageing, I used a different method this time and it’s far more realistic in my humble opinion. I will redo Slugs roof age  and distress work! ;o)  Again I made the chimney stack and made a wooden chimney pot look like a real terracotta using modelling dust (I needed one ASAP and that’s all I had at the time). 
Some stairs that I've made to look like worn and aged stone. They aren't finished yet. :o)

The downstairs of the Weasley shop. I thought the stairs looked better this way, rather than 'come at you' as you open the front. The only thing is, they are rather near to the other wall (once its in situ), so  I may take a couple of cms off the top floor so I can set them further back and thus make it look like a realistic space that little wizards can move in! lol

I’ve been gluing parts of the Weasley shop together today and I’ve tried 3 different types of hinges for it…none work with the kit….hmmm looks like I may have to use hook and eyes for the front! Grrrrr!

A big warm welcome to my new followers….I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx