Monday 9 March 2015

Jelli and Finn and time to finish what I started!

 Meet Jelli and Finn! Jelli being the creepy nanny...! 

Jelli and Finn have spent a very long time on the back burner..since around 2010-11!!! They were made by amazingly talented Jain Squires of The Giddy Kipper. ;o) They were always destined to be lurkers of Knockturn Alley and are extremely creepy! Jelli has one eye larger than the other and has one almighty hooked nose not to mention a rather large protruding chin! lol 
 Finn is the creepy toddler with his toy zebra!  
 He has the most amazing pointed boots and stripy stockings! lol The parasol is a big favourite of mine!!
 Jelli has wonderful buttoned up boots with her very witchy stripy stockings!
  They make a great pair as they go shopping down Knockturn Alley! ;o) 
I am so delightfully thrilled with them both, Jain has surpassed herself yet again. As creepy as they are they are so wanted and much loved and admired! 

Finn's wonderful pram was made by Colin and Yvonne Roberson, not the first pram I own by them, my second one and it won't be the last! It was based on the real pram used by Prince Charles and they duly sent a photo of the real one with him in it. ;o) 
I have decided it was time to go back and finish what I started....and so I am having a break from the terrace to resume work on my other almost or nearly completed projects.

Today I started to age the lights for Mr Mulpepper's apothecary. 
I'm pleased with how they have turned's a bit of a mouldy hole so these will blend right in! 
The three projects being completed and revamped and dressed! After these I think I will go back and finish Mrs Puddifoot's tea shop and Flourish & Blotts! ;o)
Slug & Jiggers has had some repairs work done to the just needs to be painted and aged. It needs a few little jobs doing and its shop light fitted!  
Mr Mulpepper's is upside down because I'm decorating the ceiling and will be fitting lights!!! ;o)) 

I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Michelle xxxx