Wednesday 14 December 2011

Christmas is coming and the project list is getting fat…

One of my Christmas presents wrapped up in children's paper!! I think it was because it was the widest paper in the house! It is my 3 new shop kits.

Well, as my lights weren’t ready at the weekend I caught up on some jobs and oh yes Christmas!  I’ve been wrapping presents and oh so slowly writing my cards….the latter is a job I truly hate doing! Lol  

I have been doing a little work on Hogwarts, I’ve toned down the walls and filled in the gaps in Doleres’ office and painted her walls pink, it still needs another coat. The lights are now ready and are in the post, so I should be able to fit them over the weekend. 

I have lots planned for the New Year project wise, I’ve just been deciding on what to start on whilst I work on Hogwarts. I can’t continue with Sugar Plum’s till the main commission piece is ready and that won’t be for quite a while yet, so the Summer House is standing empty with no ongoing projects. One is always waiting for things to dry…so I don’t like to waste time. :o))

For Christmas I am getting 3 new shops for Diagon Alley and I also bought 2 more. So I’ve been thinking what one to start on next?!

A very kind person spotted this little kit selling on Ebay, I bought for an absolute bargain with a hard backed book on Victorian dolls houses included!  After I’d won it another friend and I had a closer inspection of it and we both wondered whether it was an early Sid Cooke house. It was listed as Victorian, but I think it’s Georgian. 
 The inside is not done at all. I plan to take the front off as I work on it.
The little house arrived today. It’s solid plywood and the logo on the bottom confirms it is indeed a Sid Cooke house. What a fabulous little gem of a kit and what a lucky find!!! It’s not been finished at all and the stairs aren’t glued in either, which what I wanted. I was going to change to windows with Sid Cooke’s Georgian ones (like the other kits I have), but everyone seems to like these ones!

I have lots of plans for it….I was going to do it as a combination of two Harry Potter’s buildings, only when I watched the films did I see that most, if not all the things I liked were in one Harry Potter building! Hmmm…..I am now busy planning on how to do it. You’ll have to wait and see to find out what it will be, and it’s not an obvious one at all...or maybe it will be! I won’t be changing my mind again on what to start on next! :o))

A big warm welcome to my new followers….I hope you don’t mind my ramblings and madness! :o))

Have a truly Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!!!

Michelle xxxx 


  1. Hi Michelle,I smiled about your big package. I think you don't stop until you have all the great potter scenes ;-)! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year with your whole family!!! Hugs,Jeannette xxx

  2. Your new house is fabulous mmmmm am wondering what your going to do with it???

  3. Lucky you, Michelle! Wish I could get as big gift as yours is!:D And the house you won is great! Can't wait to see what it is going to be!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Another kit, and a great bargain find! Ive been way behind on blogs, FB and emails, the children have all had some illness or other, so feeling knocked out and hoping we are all back on our feet for Christmas....Im so behind!!!! You have a major street going on now, they will look great all lined up in the bedroom!! So much to do, cant wait to see!! Kate xxxxxx

  5. Great bargain Michelle. Now you have another project to plan!
    I want to know what's in the big parcel.....
    I really liked building two kits at once as it meant as things were drying I could move onto another job. I am definitely going to continue just working on carcasses and try not to get distracted with the interiors. That way I will get the street look I want.

  6. I'm so glad that our suspicions were correct Michelle. An original Sid Cooke. Leave those Windows alone...LOL

  7. Love the new find! At least you will never run out of projects to work on LOL.

    Merry Christmas!


  8. I agree, i actually really like those windows! xxx

  9. Hi Jeanette,

    LOL I had a long think about the next lot of kits….and I do have a lot now and maybe one or two smaller versions of some of the HP buildings will maybe come out of some of them!

    Just over a week till Christmas…I LOVE it! Have a fabulous one too!!

    Michelle xxx

  10. Hi Chrissey,

    LOL LOL I think it’s now been decided (sigh) . ;o))

    Michelle xx

  11. Hi Ewa,

    Thank you! Lol It‘s had to be propped up against the wall as its so heavy, I was worried it would get knocked and fall on the cat! Eeek!

    I know what the new house will be….just planning it all now. :o)))

    Have a truly wonderful time too!

    Michelle xx

  12. Hi Kate,

    I wondered where you were, and should have know you were all poorly! There has been some weird and awful things going about at the moment. I hope you are back to normal speed soon!!

    I’ve been absent in Blogland lots to do etc.

    I love the bargain buy, was a bit unsure what to work on whilst working on Hogwarts. I have a lot of kits, that I’ve written them all down and then I managed to miss some off! I have 2 more to get yet…one I’m having made though..only the shell. Not yet though.

    The lights still haven’t arrived and they were posted on the 12th! I’m wondering whether it was 2nd class post! :o( I need them for the weekends work.

    I need to get the craft room’s new storage so I can have my projects lined up and the shelf made and put up too!

    Get better soon! :o)))

    Michelle xxxxx

  13. Hi Janice,

    It was a spur of the moment buy, but extremely glad I bought it! It cost a princely some of £32.00 including the book (plus £10.00 postage)! I love it and have lots of plans.

    I’m not really looking forward to working in the summer house, so I may just have make space in my craft room for now. :o) New storage is a priority!

    I have bought a heat gun so I can remove the parts that are glued in and on (roofs too!). It will help me immensely when doing the kits. I can start all over again as it were and glue the pieces back on like usual. :o)))

    I’ve never thought I’d be able to complete a kit in its entirety, just impossible to find all the mini’s I want, and it would be far too expensive too and be over too quickly. One must saviour the fun! ;o)))

    Michelle xxx

  14. Hi Debbie,

    So am I! :o)) It was the top part that was the tell tale sign for me, oh and the door! I’m not changing the windows (the new Sid Cooke windows are longer and look disproportionate), I’m just going to take off all the glued on bits whilst I work on them and then glue them back on like normal. I have a heat gun on the way to make easy work of it all! ;o))

    Michelle xx

  15. Hi Victoria,

    I will never run out at this rate….you haven’t seen my craft room! It looks like Santa’s Grotto of Dollshouse World! Lol I will never ever be bored or rich! Lol

    Michelle xxx

  16. Hi Kate,

    The windows are staying, and will only be removed whilst I work on them. Everyone likes them, so they have to stay! Lol Though peeps might understand at some point why I wanted to change them! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  17. What another wondeful kit you have there Michelle! i have my speculations on what it could be but i'll wait until you reveal the name of it to see if i'm right.. i know ive been able to predict what you're doing next a few times lol!
    As for me, im still looking out for the perfect shop.. i dont know how you manage to find them all lol!
    How many shops do you have for diagon alley now 10/11? or more?
    well i hope you have a wonderful christmas and i can't wait to see the progress on both hogwarts and this kit.
    All the best, Michael

  18. Hi Michael,

    Arh, this kit has changed its mind one or two times….and not so obvious what it could be or was going to be?!

    Some very kind and generous peeps have helped me out acquiring the kits and some of it is down to luck and being in the right place at the right time….and sometimes, it’s been a combination of all of them! Lol

    I haven’t counted how many Diagon Alley shops I I don’t know…I think it’s a few! :o)

    I will split my time between the two projects as it should enable me to progress quicker?!

    Michelle :o))